Thursday, October 6, 2011

talkative? what an understatement

"I can't wait until Carson can talk to us" Richard would say to me often about 8 months ago.

Well Folks! HE CAN TALK NOW!!!!!

He talks non stop. His personality is full of energy and he is sometimes CRAZY!!!!
he repeats things like a million times before he moves onto something else. He requires a response to it each time he says it. And he definitely says whatever comes to his mind.
He points out EVERY SINGLE airplane in the sky, or you know those trail of clouds they leave behind? yeah, he notices every single one of those too. Anytime we are outside or in the car - he is not only saying, but YELLING - "mommy see an airplane, mommy see an airplane?" It's always very loud and excited!
he has no sense of "try not to interrupt" when mommy's talking on phone, to a friend or to daddy. I sorta feel bad b/c he requires the same constant responses from other's he meets, and they don't realize it, he just starts getting more animated and louder and repeating more! ha
His biggest thing right now is "mommy, watch this, watch this mommy, mommy watch this"
My response - "ok, I'm watching" (I have to say it EVERY TIME)
then he does something as simple as literally lifting his finger, or moving his foot, or touching something, or doing something so silly! He wants me to watch everything. As frustrating and annoying as that is, I never want to ignore him or not treat him respectfully.
But boy - it gets tiring.

Richard and I laugh sometimes b/c his energy and talking can get very tiring and overwhelming. At dinner we both look at each other and say "boy, this kid is crazy"  He never walks anywhere, it's always running. He never sets anything down gently, he throws it or drops it.

He can be exhausting to me throughout the day, and I'm feel guilty b/c there are some days I'm just dying to put him down for a nap or to bed. he literally is going NON STOP all day long!

But - I wouldn't change him for the world!!!!! He has so much spunk and so much energy it's contagious. He walks into the room and screams something like "I see Noah (his new friend)" or "I want a donut" (at church for fellowship time) or "I went pee on the potty" and the whole room turns and looks at him and laughs. He is already lighting up the room with happiness when he walks into it. Now that is a great trait to have, my friends. What a gift he has to be so easily excited and so easily entertained and so happy all (well most) of the time.

He makes his Friends and people we hang out with feel so welcome b/c he loves them all! he gets so excited when they come to our house or he sees them at church. What a gift! How many people can make you feel so warm and loved? Well, just become Carson's friend and he will for sure!

Sure there are days when I wish he would be calm or be a little quieter, but I can't help but laugh and smile when I see how excited he gets about literally EVERY LITTLE THING!

And you know what?!?! It's contagious! You can't help but smile when you see his excitement. And I think anyone who meets him would say the same!
Sure I can compare him to other calm kids and wonder what did I do differently to make Carson like this. But really he is a GIFT! He is 100% about everything he does, or doesn't do. No medium ground - and I LOVE THIS ABOUT HIM!

P.S. I've already prepared myself for plenty of embarrassing moments in the future in public settings with things he'll say. :)

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The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

This made me laugh and smile!! I can picture everything and i LOVE that about him too. He is a great kid. I think, on those days that you wish him to be more calm, you need to revisit this post :-) He has your fun, loving, excited personality and people fall in love with you too!! Love ya!

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