Saturday, October 8, 2011

the last 3 days

Ok - I know rule number one is to not post pictures of poor quality - but sometimes that's all I got - so please ignore the poor phone quality pictures.

So many things wrong with this picture

1. Flip flops on the table ??????
2. 1 yr old standing on an object with wheels
3. 1 yr old probably eating stale gross food from his high chair
4. literally seconds after this, the blur of a 2 yr odl pulled the object out from underneath him
5. mother standing by taking picture
6. cup on table, probably has gross spoiled milk in it. 

We have had some sickness in this household :(
It makes a mother's heart so sad to see her kids sick. First it started out with Landon on weds late afternoon barfing all over himself in the stroller very unexpectedly. He made it almost 24 hrs before he threw up again and it was so sad. He was a trooper though, and the only thing he really demanded was lots of cuddles - I'm not complaining about that. Friday Carson woke up and shortly after starting barfing. :( poor kid. It's so sad seeing him hate it so much. All you can do is hold him and say "it's ok", "I love you". and hold him as tight as possible. But by evening he was full of energy again.
Richard and I are feeling under the weather last night and today but we hope that's all we experience. So I've been homebound for what feels like a VERY LONG TIME! We all know how that makes me feel. :)
But I can't help but appreciate the fact that I CAN stay home with them, that I can set everything else aside and sit on the couch all day long with them. And all I need to worry about is my 2 boys staying hydrated.

(Tonight my friends is something very special planned! I'll be sure to post it as soon as I can. Just hoping that we all stay healthy enough to enjoy it)

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Michelle said...

So sorry, my friend, that you all feel under the weather. I will pray!

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