Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall family Pictures

Apparently we were too busy on Saturday and all the events wore my family out! Saturday night around dinner time, Landon started throwing up. yup, you heard that right! I know what all of you are thinking - weren't you guys just sick? Do you not eat healthy? Why are you guys always sick? I know, I know, I'm just as dumbfounded and annoyed at this as you are. Later that night Richard got very sick!!! So no church for us. 
If you can believe it or not, when we were sick 2 weeks ago, we missed our "Porterbrook" session, and Sunday AM we missed another one before church. I think our Pastor might think we are doing something on purpose. Our new church friends must think that we are always sick. And truthfully we are lately. It's so weird, b/c i don't think we are sick this often. 
I know when you move to a new place you are susceptible to sickness, b/c of different viruses and bugs in that area, so i was prepared for us to be "cold" sick a lot this winter. but not stomach sick so many times in the fall!!!!! But oh well. I guess I'll have to swallow my pride and admit that "yes, we are sick again, and try as I might to be clean and healthy it still happened to us". 

So our plans of Porterbrook training, church, then date night were all canceled. And we spent the day inside as a family with football, movies, chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, and saltines all day!!!! YUCK!!

By about 5pm Richard was doing better and Landon was too. We all needed a little fresh air and change of scenery so we got dressed and headed to a near by park. It was perfect temperature out. And we took our annual Fall Family Pictures. I told Richard that I really want to set this as a tradition. I just love fall so much, and I think it will be great to get good fall pics every year to keep our family pictures updated. (but we did find it hard to work with a timer and the boys). I think we got a couple good ones at least.


Cutie even if he wasn't feeling the greatest

Such a ham

I love you Richard!


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I love your family pictures and I think they turned out great for using a self-timer!! You guys are such a good looking family! I'm sorry you guys are sick. I never thot of moving causing you to get sick, huh.

Tiff said...

Love the family pictures! I sure do miss the changing leaves. Palm trees are awesome, but they don't turn beautiful colors!!!=)
When we moved my husband and I were sick the first 3 weeks. It was weird. It was like our bodies had to adjust to the new environment! LOL
Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Our Family for His Glory said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Trina Mayfield said...

They are GREAT pictures and I'm so glad you were able to send me one before I left the States! Hopefully, that sickness is passed and no more of it for your family this winter!!!!

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