Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why I'm glad to be living in CO

One of the biggest reason we love it in CO is because it's so beautiful. Now I know this winter has been uncharacteristicly warm for most people. But Fort Collins has been absolutely amazing lately. It's sunny so often and then when it is snowy or rainy it is welcomed b/c it's a nice change from the Sun. But really - Sun does a body and soul GOOD.  There are so many outdoorsy things to do and  only a short distance away. I think it's so good for kids to be outside in nature with sunshine and fresh air!
What better activity for boys than to go
near water and sticks and rocks!!!

I told a lot of people on FB this story
But poor Landon fell and scraped his nose terribly
on a sidewalk when we first showed up at the lake :(
He was a trooper though

He was enjoying himself despite the scrape on his nose
Until Mommy decided to not pay attention and
was too worried about getting pics for this hear blog
(I hope you all appreciate it)
B/c he fell into that icy water (notice the ice)
and got soaked :(
Still what a trooper and he still enjoyed himself

staying warm with no pants on!!!!!!

Boys and dirt! Best day of the week!

This is what we did with landon. He wore my friend's shirt to
help a little with the fact that he didn't have pants on :)

could it get any more beautiful than this??~!???
I think not!

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Trina Mayfield said...

I absolutely LOVE that you are living in Colorado! It is so beautiful! And what a fun day you had outside - except for poor Landon, but I'm glad he had fun anyway! We can't wait to visit you in Colorado!

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