Monday, February 27, 2012

It's been a while

 Wow - have I fallen off the wagon of not blogging or really doing anything that requires a lot of typing. And the reason for that is two-fold. 1. I have been away from my home and not at my own computer. 2. I got a new fancy phone so it's really easy for me to check things fast or read things, but then to type out longer things like an email to my mom or a blog post,  I actually need to turn my computer on. ha. So I've gotten a little lazy in this area. But I'm back at home and itching to write on my blog again.

Let's start by how Beautiful it truly is to live in Colorado. The next two pics are from my trip back home over the mountains. I just spent about 5 days at Richard's parents house in Grand Junction with Carson and Landon. We had great family time and really enjoyed ourselves and got spoiled with very little cooking and cleaning and lots of Reeses peanut butter cereal and chocolate milk. :) The BOYS were in HEAVEN!
 This is the "bookcliff's" they call them right outside of Grand Junction! Absolutely beautiful Glorified Sand Dunes. They might be boring to some, but I always think it looks so amazing!

While at The Gardners I missed Richard. But getting to sleep with this little boy made up for it a little bit! He was so cuddly and I cherished those precious nights that we slept together.! he is not a "mover or kicker" so sleeping with him was so enjoyable.
the boys spent a lot of time "getting piano lessions" with Aunt Nikki. (she lives in HI with her 4 kids, but was fortunate to take a trip out here with her two youngest kids) and boy did those cousins have fun together. she was so patient with these kiddos on the piano. :)

 We were also spoiled in getting to do a Ferris wheel in a mall b/c Grandma and Grandpa wanted them to get to ride it. Look at how happy they were to ride it!
 4 (one of them not pictured) out of the 6 sisters were together. WE all got to meet "baby Ty" (front and center) for the first time. He is so cute! beautiful long dark eyelashes and so much fun to have a baby around again.  (he is the youngest of 14 grandkids, and one of 12 boys :) )

We got home Saturday afternoon. We were so happy to be home with Daddy again. he had the house all cleaned up for us. Below is a picture of the boys walking through Old town Fort Collins where we went for Supper Saturday night when I got home. what special moments when Carson took Landon's hand to walk him through the parking lot! Precious Moments that are fleeting by!

Here's to another week of "normalcy" in our house and maybe some more blogging. FYI - I have kept up with reading all my favorite blogs b/c of my handy dandy google reader app, so i haven't missed a beat of your lives, not here is a quick update of mine. :)
Can't wait to restart the blogging train!!!!!!


Trina Mayfield said...

It's been a while so I enjoyed reading about your week away! I especially loved the pictures! Treasure the moments and the memories - they will keep you going at a later time!:-)

doddyj said...

SO jealous. Colorado is incredibly beautiful. I think I would have a hard time driving there, because I would want to stare out my window at the scenery the entire time. :) Glad you had fun in Grand Junction. My mom used to live in Salida/Buena Vista.

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