Wednesday, February 8, 2012

17 Months

Today Landon is 17 Months. This may not seem like a big milestone to talk about to some - but I realized that Landon is now the age that Carson was when Landon was born! CRAZY!!!!  Somehow Carson seemed so much older than Landon does now.

 Isn't that funny how with your first child you can't wait until the move onto the new stage and they seem so old and cute and big. Then you have you're second son (and I'm sure it gets worse with each child) and they forever seem babyish, no matter what they do, or you're not so speedy on introducing the next big thing for them to do.

carson had such a babyface!

hahaha - Landon looks so funny!

I still think Carson looks older here than Landon does now!

To think that we were at this place 17 months ago. My water broke 6 weeks early! I had nothing ready for our baby! I was an emotional wreck not knowing what the future would hold. Then waited in the hospital for a few days waiting for labor to start not know if baby inside me was ok or what would happen next! Finally with Landon being born and then going straight to the NICU and the emotions, and tiredness and uncertainty about EVERYTHING that we had. And now, living in CO, with 2 healthy thriving boys that Love playing with each other. All I can say is I am blessed(!!!!!)beyond words right now. It's so cool to look back and reflect on God's sovereignty and plan on our lives! His hand of mercy and love!

Not being able to hold my baby! So hard!

The day we got to take him home from hospital

And this is Landon now! WOW! (please imagine a clean nose :) )

Both boys now! growing and healthy! and Loving life, despite what this picture makes it
seem like

This is Carson today! My how much he's grown.
I'm always amazed how much you
don't notice they are growing
until you go back and look at pictures!

This is Landon close to today.
I would take a pictures of him today, but his nose looks terrible
b/c the scab is coming off, and his nose is running
and he has chapped skin. ha
Every mother says this, but I just cannot imagine my life without these two boys! They are such a joy. I think you can say that although I have fears and uncertainties I'm officially "ready" to have another child. But I'm trusting in God's timing and trying to be wise in our decisions etc. But I don't have babies anymore. They are so grown up!

And i just have to add one more picture. B/c as I'm writing this post - this is what is happening on the floor beside me. can you say tired???!!!?? (please also note the button popped open. ) he is in rough shape today!


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I remember so well the day Landon was born and how we rushed over to Scranton to help you while he was in the hospital, cuz Mum couldn't come any earlier. Wow, time does fly and lots of things have happened since then. I'm going to do a post similar for Danny soon so don't get mad if it sounds the same cuz I do think that is what most mothers think :-)

Trina Mayfield said...

Wow - amazing that he is already 17 months old! I also well remember those days when he was born, and I was here in Ecuador with a broken leg!!!! The Lord has worked out everything, He is working everything out, and He WILL WORK out the future! AMAZING!!!!

Tiff said...

I love looking back and seeing God's sovereignty play out! Happy 17 months to Landon! Your boys are absolutely adorable!

Jessica said...

On the second child seeming forever babyish? I can soo relate! I was just thinking about how mature I assumed my first daughter, Nya, was at 10 months. 10 months!! Oh, the lessons we learned with more children. That's one of the greatest blessings in all of this.

Your boys are so adorable! And they look so similar! I'm sure they're the best of friends!

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