Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Colorado Residents

Well it's been 6 months almost exactly since we pulled into the Mission Hills Condominium in Fort Collins Colorado with our big over-sized Penske truck and our two tired boys.
I can't believe it!

-We no longer "just moved into the area"
-I know where most everything is and definitely know our way around the city!
-we've tried tons of the local restaurants
-Richard has a great job (although still as inconsistent as his old job as far as work or time frame goes) but it's a job that provides none the less
-Richard is thriving at his job and doing a great job helping the owner grow the new company.
-We have met several new families that are newer to the area than us
-We have Colorado licence, and licence plates
-we have many friends that we are growing closer to each week
-We have a bed that is off the ground (instead of on the floor due to bed bugs in our last apartment that forced us to get rid of our beautiful sleigh bed)
-I got rid of the treadmill in our doorway so now we can walk in super easy! That was a glorious day!
-Richard is leading a small group "Life Group" at our church
-I'm in charge of the Children's ministry at our church. (although I would venture to say I'm very inadequate and would take any advice or help available. Feel way out of my league!)
-Our boys don't really remember living anywhere else. That makes me sad and I'm constantly trying to remind them of the family and friends we have in PA
-I cannot express enough how happy we are to be living in Colorado again. The first 3 months we said it almost every day, the last 3 months at least once a week! (although we enjoyed thoroughly our time in Pa, you can't take the Colorado of a Colorado man!)

God has blessed us beyond measure! We are so thankful that He led us here to Fort Collins. And we are so amazed by His grace that He pours out on our family day to day as we have "adjusted" to this new area and new church, and as our boys transitioned. The trainsition has gone as smoothly as i could have hoped for. Although there were hard times of loneliness or sadness, overall We have been so blessed by our move here. We've seen God provide for us. We've been challenged in our daily walk with God. We've been challenged to reach out to the community around us more than ever and we've seen friendships spur from that. We've grown in the area of being a Community in the church that loves each other and in turn reaches out to the unsaved and loves them with Christ's love.

I am just amazed over and over at God's guiding and provision in our lives! And I hope our story gives you guys hope and faith in God for your future as well.


Spencer Valeri said...

Now that you guys are actual Colorado residents, you can take advantage of some awesome hunting opportunities that us nonresidents can't afford. So if you ever want to kill a moose I have a killer spot picked out not very far from your house.

doddyj said...

oh, I feel so sad for your sleigh bed :(

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