Tuesday, July 5, 2011

typical 4th of July?? i think not!

Yeah - we are the crazy family that decides to leave on "vacation" 4 days after we get back from vacation. hahahahaha. That's how we roll! We love a good trip that's for sure.

On Friday we left to drive to my Twin's house (after Richard woke up at 4:30AM to drive to philly to work all day and then to get stuck in TONS of traffic and take him double the time to get home, but he so amazingly knew I wanted to leave that night, so he got back in the car and we drove for 3 more hours!!!) We got in around 11 but of course - Our Boys do FINE in the car. (and I'm not even being sarcastic)

---Saturday my twin and I did a 5K run to try it out and get comfortable running with each other. You see we have a history of me, in my immaturity, pushing her a little too far when it comes to athletic expectations which I regret now and admire her now for! She was nervous to run with me since she has very recently started this new thing - but she did great! Didn't walk at all for our practice run - and it gave her the boost of confidence that she could do this race thing on the 4th.
We spent the day celebrating her 2nd son's 2 year birthday with Mickey Mouse and just enjoying our day together. Playing in a bucket of water again, playing in the new sand box, and all other things that boys and mother of boys do on a lazy saturday.
cool cake that all the boys LOVED!
He is a cutie!
what a ham! enjoying
every bit of cake and ice cream
cuz once we stop vacationing
you're not getting any for a while :)
ha - this pic cracks me up!
Guess it was a strike.
Although he was very good at this!
---Sunday we went to church at their church. Then in the afternoon, after kids were taking their naps, Jerelyn and I went out for a little shopping getaway, but mostly ended up getting groceries for the next day b/c that's what moms do. :)
In the evening we all decided to "live it up" and go to Outback Steakhouse for Supper!!! boys behaved themselves so good, and even got compliments from a table of old people! :) And we had a very nice meal and good conversation. (at least as much as you can have with 3 toddlers and a baby at your table)
on the way home we bought some legal fireworks and had a blast with the boys in the parking lot! They loved the throwing those "snapper-pop-crack-when-you-hit-the-surface" thingamigs. It was so fun watching them - maybe soon I'll upload a video of it! Carson was a little apprehensive of the sparklers and roman candle but warmed up to it a little. Definitely something to remember for me.
Always have to have a pic
of me and my man!

My beautiful twin and her husband
they are an amazingly kind couple!
watching the cool fireworks
in the safety of the dads!
trying to get all 3 to smile and look = impossible

--- 4th of July, Monday RACE DAY!!! Jerelyn was pretty nervous, and understandably so. i remember being pretty nervous my first race. (who am I kidding, I'm hardly a runner yet, and still get nervous myself). We got up early, got the boys up early, and headed out! (not before my sister threw up on the side of the road due to nerves, very normal event for her though hahaha) she did AWESOME! She made it through the entire race without walking!!!!!!! She beat her time from 2 days before by 2 and half minutes, and she felt so proud of herself, and I was so proud of her. She ran so good!!! Her training was hard and had complications of shin splints, kids, broken car, sickness of boys etc, but she persevered and accomplished her goal! She should be so proud of herself, b/c I am! I was honored to run with her and encourage her along the way! I hope she keeps it up - especially just the exercise! A memory to have forever!
We had a cookout together that afternoon and then Richard and I pulled out to head home.
On our way home, last minute (you know b/c that's how we role) we decided to meet up with Richard's sister in a town,(on our way home) and watch some big fireworks! so much fun. Carson was so excited. (no camera though, battery was dead, and left it at jerelyns :( ) But it was so fun as a mother watching his excitement anticipating the "fireworks" that we kept building up. Once they started he kept asking to go home - but he sat their without too much complaining and has been talking about them since.

I think my boys are getting a little
annoyed at having to sit there
while mommy runs a race :)
after the race - still breathing, jerelyn :)
almost at the end
"come on, there's the finish line"
Great Job!

All in All - wonderful weekend with Family!
Now hopefully soon i can concentrate on our next phase of life!


Helaine DeMarte said...

you look like that was at the beginning of the race!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Great Job Jerelyn!!!

Trina Mayfield said...

What a really FUN weekend! You have had a really fun month with family on both sides! It just sounds like you had so much fun and we're really sad we've missed it all! But I'm so glad it was great for all of you! And, Carson, you'll get more cake for Landon's birthday in another 2 months!:-)

The Horaks said...

Great job on the race, girls! Impressive accomplishment!

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