Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 Weeks away

I will either be posting non stop about our moving process or I will not be posting anything at all b/c I will be so busy.
I was sorta waiting until this weekend was over to really get into packing and cleaning. Packing too far ahead of time stresses me out more I've decided. How to decide what to put away, what I will still need, living with boxes all around for a long time. I'd rather wait until the week before and go psycho with putting everything away as fast as I can and not worry about the mess b/c it's for a short amount of time. So that's what I'm going to do.

We have 3 weeks left - and so much to do. That is not very much time!
It's overwhelming to think we will be moving everything across the country. Right now we have no housing and no job. It's so easy for us to sit and worry about how it will work out. You need a job to do an application for an apartment so you have income, you need a place to live to get a job and have an address . . . many things like this keep going through my head.  Richard is working vigorously researching and applying at any place he can. I'm working on searching the internet for apartments and housing and possible job options for me.
How will it all work out? How will we survive? How will I keep my boys feeling safe through it all? What if the time comes and we don't have a place? Will we have to live with someone? Who? what do we do with our stuff? how will we afford the moving truck and gas to get there? how will the boys do with me in the car by myself for 35+ hrs?  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I should not have even started this post.

Anyways - I have to keep stopping my mind from wandering like that and remember truth! God promises to take care of us! He promises to lead us and guide us! He loves us! He died for us and gave us eternal life and is molding us into his image! I want to serve him and glorify Him with my life! I pray that I can through this ordeal.
Richard and I (without trying to be too pessimistic) say to each other - "we have some tough road ahead of us in the next few months" It's true, but I would not want to do it with anyone else!
If you think of it - Please pray for us!
If you have any advice about moving cross country (in any area) please share with me
If you know of any connections in Fort Collins please tell me!!!


Michelle said...

First, keep a list of things to do and add to it every time something comes to mind. Then, just take it a day at a time...God only gives you strength and wisdom for TODAY...HE will take care of tomorrow! And remember, if you need help with anything, at know how to find me ;) I'm here for you in whatever capacity you'd need me (like watching the boys so you can get stuff packed/cleaned/etc...). Love you!!

kellyH said...

I can only imagine how daunting this process is! I totally know about the need a job to get a house; need a house to get a job, etc....we've been there! keep trusting, knowing God will provide!

Trina Mayfield said...

I am confident that it will ALL work out fine for you guys! The Lord desires to show you how HE will provide it all and how He is in control of all these things! We are praying for you! As you know, your boys will not even feel any of it (since you don't remember feeling any of our BIG moves!:-)), and if you keep your focus on the Lord, it will be an amazing, exciting adventure for you and Richard too!

The Horaks said...

I'm praying for you guys! I'm sure you're feeling very stretched as you try to be a good wife and mommy in the midst of the chaos! Someday we'll look back and only see God's grace!s you try to be a good wife and mommy in the midst of the chaos! Someday we'll look back and only see God's grace!

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