Thursday, July 21, 2011


I finally got "the go ahead" from my darling husband to announce it on my blog. :) I think we've told mostly everyone (and if we missed telling you in person, I'm sorry, please no hard feelings). 

We are officially heading to Fort Collins, COLORADO! on August 15th (well that's the date we have to be out of our apartment anyways). WE are very-much-so looking forward to the opportunity to get involved in The Crossing (a Crossway Chapel Ministry)

No, we do not have any details worked out yet. :) So don't ask, (jk) :)
We told our current Landlord that we will be out on August 15th. We are looking vigorously for jobs and housing in Fort Collins. WE have some leads, but nothing secure at all yet. We still don't know details of when we plan to pull out., how we will get there, or time frame of anything. But we will - we just are slower sometimes at things than people expect - but we always pull through. And Richard always gets things done very well.

We will most likely be renting a HUGE moving truck, packing it up sometime the weekend right before the 15th, and pulling out around then too. Richard will probably drive the truck and I will drive our car with the boys the (about) 1,700 miles across the USA. What route we'll take or where we'll stop are yet to be discussed.
So if you think of us - please pray for job, housing, our truck to sell, packing to go smoothly and that we would be wise in all the decisions we have to make both financially and practically. 

We have many good byes to say, and many loose ends to tie up. Many people to see one last time . . .
The time is getting closer and closer and I feel like I'm sorta in denial as to the nearness of our move. I'm overwhelmed by how things will work out, but slowly things will. I just need PATIENCE!!! (ha, getting bored of hearing me say that?)
I'm sad to think about saying good bye to my wonderful friends. Richard and I were just talking- we spent almost 4 years here, and this is part of our life story now, our first years of marriage were here, our 2 oldest kids were born here, our lives as a couple were formed by our friends/church/surroundings. It will be sad to leave for sure!!!!
We have so much family within driving distance that we will have to figure out how to say good bye too. Family in MA, central PA, SouthEastern PA, and a sister in law here in Scranton. So many Good Good friends to say Good bye too.
Although I'm used to saying good bye (b/c of how I grew up) it still makes me SUPER sad! I know our lives will never be the same and they have been touched so dearly by our friends and family with whom we have spent our time with here in NEPA.  I guess I'd better stop writing about it all before I start crying while typing it (this whole having kids thing really made me emotional about more things than I used to be emotional about).  maybe I'll do a post about the wonderful people but for now - know that my heart is already aching with the thought of saying good bye to it all now. I am forever a different person b/c of my relationships that I have built here.

Also - please do not underestimate the excitment I feel at the thought of moving to our new place! WE are esctatic and completely convinced that this is where God is leading us! We are so excited about it ALL!!!! I know that as we seek God's will, He will keep molding us by His grace into His Image and I'm fully convinced that He uses circumstances and people to do this.
Too Many Emotions all at once that I'm feeling. Know my heart if full as I type this. Nerves, excitement, saddness, worry . . .  But also know - I thrive on this type of scenario. Just have to get past the emotions.


Trina Mayfield said...

I'm so glad that it's "announced" now! We have been praying and will continue to pray throughout this next month or so. We are confident that the Lord will provide ALL that you need and we are excited to hear all about how HE does it! I do really understand those mixed emotions - we have all experienced them together for many years! Looking forward to this next step you'll be taking!

Trina Mayfield said...

And by the way, the picture is beautiful! And, I'm glad you put a map there because now I know where it is in relation to Denver. And by the way, it's closer to Estes Park and we LOVE Estes Park!!!!

cupKait said...

how exciting jess:) we have always wanted to visit we will have one more reason to!!! i can totally understand being scared and sad...but it is sooo exciting to be going where God wants you!

Mrs. Frogster said...

oh wow! It's always amazing to see where God leads. :) so happy that you know WHERE to go, and I will definitely be praying for all the details for your family. I completely understand all the emotions you are going through. Praying, friend!

Beth said...

That is exciting news! We were just in Ft. Collins for my brother in law's wedding. Ken and RuthAnn now live in Denver, but they know people and might have connections if you're looking for anything. Its beautiful country! Happy for you and your family!

Amber said...

oh my word! that is so exciting! i love the west. love it love it love it! im so jealous. don't worry, God will provide. We moved here with no jobs and both found jobs our first week here, also never had even visited the area let alone been in PA before we moved here. but we managed and God took care of us. you will do great! sad to see you go, but so happy for you.

Kelly Hughes said...

that is exciting news, Jess! I fully understand the mixed feelings! I know God will continue to lead & direct thru jobs and housing. will be excited to follow your new journey!

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