Friday, July 1, 2011

Running Shorts

I've been running off and on for a while now. (although like i have said before - i do not consider myself a true runner until I run longer distances like a 10K or half marathon - I just do it for exercise right now)
I come from a background of playing sports, but always in pretty conservative circles where my shorts had to go to the top of my knees.
Now I'm on a tight budget and just don't always see the need to buy clothes that I'm going to get super stinky and gross while sweating up a storm. so I've slowing been trying to update my athletic wardrobe for my running endeavors.
Just last week while on vacation I ran across some "running shorts" in Old Navy that were on sale. (these exact ones actually)
I've been keeping my eye out for a new pair for a while - but brands like Nike and Addidas and New balance tend to be pricy and again - I'm just going to get them stinky and sweating so why spend $20 or more. Well Old Navy had them a little cheaper and they looked fine, so I bought 2 pairs.
OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best thing i could've done. Now I can't wait to go running just b/c I get to wear my shorts. I had them on one evening and I told Richard "I think I'm going to wear these every day, ALL day!!!!!! I will never go running in "regular" shorts again! Seriously- it makes all the difference. They are light weight, cool and "wik away stuff" (don't you like how I know so much about them. hahaha) they don't ride up in between my thighs b/c lets face it, by no no matter how much weight I lose, my shorts are probably always going to do that.(does anyone else have that problem?) I'm telling you - I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

This weekend i will be running in a 5K race with my twin!!! for her local YMCA program that she joined.
It's her first race ever!!!! I cannot wait to do this with her and encourage her along. I've dreamed of the day that I could do this with one of my sisters. I'm so proud of her for getting in shape - and having the courage to do this!!!!! I'll keep you posted with how it goes! :)


Amber said...

Jessica that is so super cute. I am the same way with my running garb. Yes, I need to at least match and not be showing people things that shake up and down and side to side...but i totally sweat like a man, so why spend tons of money of fancy sports gear. I love those shorts. Great choice. And...yes I understand the 'riding up the middle' thing.

Trina Mayfield said...

You're going to run SO FAST with these new shorts! It cracked me up reading this post about the shorts. BUT I was really excited to read about the big race this Monday. I can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm proud of BOTH of you and I just wish I was there to cheer you on. I will be cheering for you both from Ecuador!

Emily Wagner said...

Lol I know what ya mean about finding good shorts!!! The past few pairs I've gotten have been boys shorts for like $10 from TJ Maxx... I love them!!! lol and YES i know what you mean about them riding up!!! worse thing ever!!! I'm soooo excited to come cheer you both on at the race Monday! You both will do great!!

jeileenbaylor said...

haha- love this post! I totally need to get a pair because I feel the same way right now about starting to run again. that is - not really wanting to spend money on something I just work out it. But the wicking away and not riding up the thighs-girl you convinced me :) Hope your 5k goes great!

Helaine DeMarte said...

Favorite part of this post: "I told Richard- 'I'm going to wear these all day very day!'" Because I know that really happened. :)

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