Saturday, August 24, 2013

No place like home

Just wanted to give a quick update about our lives here. Many people knew that we were looking for a new/bigger place to live. We had been talking about it for a long time, but only until about the last month and half had we really started looking.

Our apartment that we've lived in for two years has served us well. It wasn't the nicest place, but once you put your own stuff in it and make it your own - it was liveable. As the boys got bigger and now adding to our family, plus watching another baby, plus being on the third floor - it was just time for our family to move on.

If you've searched for housing recently you will know and understand how frustrating of a process it is. Fort Collins has lots of rentals, but also a high demand due to the college. Prices are high and spaces not very conducive to a 5 person family (plus one most days all day). There are things to consider -like location, outside area, space inside, price and many many more things. If I went into explanation of all the different situations we looked at you would probably laugh. We considered sharing a house with a stranger, moving into a "fixer-upper", college shared guys house, and many more! All having their own different pros and cons. I feel like we've been talking housing so much lately, and been consumed with looking, calling and praying, and discussing!

This place that we have just signed the lease for we saw very early on in the process, and I liked it right away. The price was at the very tip top of our price range. The landlord told us we had some time to think about it and she wasn't showing it to anyone in the meantime. After prayer and thought we offered them $100 less than what they asked for thinking that if they denied it we would move on, and if they accepted it we would pray really hard about whether to take it. Meanwhile we kept looking waiting to hear back.
Anyways - long story short - they accepted, after a process we passed the background check and we finally got an appointment to sign the lease!!!!!
We are so thankful for God providing this place for us - and hope that we can use it to serve his people and love our neighbors, and community in a more efficient way.
We love the landlord, we are on the main level (so I will be seeking a new form of exercise instead of walking up three flights of stairs all the time), we have a basement/playroom/guestroom and storage area, a one car garage and a pool very accessible.

Please come by for a visit!!!!

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Trina Mayfield said...

I really can't wait to see it! I am so thankful the Lord provided this place for you! I know you will make it "home" very quickly!!

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