Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another milestone

It's so hard for me to believe that it's been 2 years since we packed up our belongings and moved to a far away place where we knew one person, with no job, and had never seen our apartment. August 15th 2011 we pulled out of PA, Richard driving the huge moving truck, while I drove the car behind him with the two boys, leaving the comfort, the familiarity, our amazing friends and some family behind, to start this amazing journey in the good ol' Colorado.

Thinking back on those feelings of total mixed emotions - it just can't be two years ago already!!!

Richard and I have moved a couple times across the country, all of which we didn't know very many if any people, and we have always said it takes about 2 years before you feel completely adjusted and at home and comfortable in your new surroundings.

Well - I can officially say that's true. It didn't just happen today that I feel comfortable - but looking back over time, I can fully say this is my home! Just this week the three times I went to run errands I just ran into someone I knew at each place. I distinctly remember when we first moved here feeling so weird that everywhere I went no one knew me and I didn't know anyone. Now I go to stores and I almost always run into someone I know or at least recognize. So it's official - WE'RE HOME!!!

It's fun for me to look back at what it was like when we first moved here and to how different things are today. Landon was almost a year old, he was still drinking from a bottle and not walking yet. Now he is a full on toddler boy doing everything on his own. Carson wasn't potty trained or even close yet, and now he is almost ready for school.  I didn't even have a smart phone or instagram yet!!! What did I do???!!!?? hehehe
These two pictures are soon after we moved here, September 2011, and then Mother's day - May 2013

The church had about 60 people coming regularly. We jumped in and started serving wherever we could. We have grown in our own spiritual lives learning more about our God and his mission and plan for us. The church now has close to 200 people there regularly and is still growing more and more. We went from not knowing anyone in the church -to feeling like these are some of the closest friends we have had, sharing our lives together. There are some more updates that will be happening that I will be sharing soon as far as the church goes. It's all so exciting.

Even the trials and blessings that Richard and I have faced in these last two years have been some of the most intense in our marriage. From the pain of losing one of our precious babies to the excitement of anticipating the arrival of another baby. From financial worries to how God has provided for us in amazing ways! From the busyness of life to the great trips we've been able to take.

The only thing that hasn't changed is the apartment we are living in - but we hope to have that change in the near future. But more on that later too as things develop. :)

All these things happen in 2 years! And it is amazing to reflect back on!
Here's to another wonderful 2 years in the Good Ol' Colorado.

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Trina Mayfield said...

Absolutely LOVED this post! I can't believe it's been 2 years either!!! And I loved the pictures of then and now. It's just amazing how much has changed, how much you have learned and how much you have all grown and matured! Can't wait to continue the journey with you as we pray along the sidelines! :-)

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