Saturday, September 7, 2013

A new place to call home

Yes, it's officially been an entire week since we have relocated. It already feels like home.
We moved just about a half mile or so from our old place. but we moved to a much bigger place. It still only has 2 bedrooms, but has an extra room in the basement and one car attatched garage and bedrooms are on second level, and the front door opens up to a nice outside grassy area. I have already been enjoying the new set up so much. No carpets in the dining room? Actually sweeping and mopping are some of my "favorite chores" and now the whole downstairs in laminate flooring!!!
The boys in the front yard one morning
The week leading up to the move was a whirlwind. We didn't find out we were moving until exactly a week before we were needing to be out of our old place. Which in my opinion is a much better way to move. None of this drawn out business of packing boxes for a whole month. The monday before the move I had done too much and was really not feeling well at all. I remember thinking literally, "will I even survive this week and everything that needs to be demanded of my body?" I had the baby I watch 5 days that week, 2 crazy boys, and one baby in my belly. And it was going to be HOT out! I prayed to God that night that he would give me unexplained strength and work all things out!
As the week progressed I was amazed. I had so much help. From a lot of people taking the boys for me for hours on end, to others coming to help me pack and move boxes around. Richard was also able to do more at nights than usual, and we were so thankful. Saturday, Aug 31st rolled around and we had so much help for the move. Another friend took my boys for the whole morning. I felt like I hardly had to do anything besides get the food. We had so much help and I was truly blessed by that!
Somehow I'm still exhausted - but felt relatively well through the whole transition and I know it's b/c of my community of friends and church around me that helped us through this time in our lives and God's grace to me through his church.

What the kitchen looked like right after everything was brought over
Now we've been in our new house for a week! The boys love it. We have 2 toilets and its so funny to hear the boys ask "which one should I use?" or "We have so many bathrooms". :) There is plenty of room for them to roam and play. And we are settling in so nicely. We look forward to blessing many through this condo and being a light to our complex. We still have some unpacking and organzing to do and it's going much slower than previous moves, but I'm trying to be ok with that and realize that we have a long time to do it and there is no rush.

Now the pictures (that are specifically for my mom and dad who I know are dying to see it)

The outside and front door

The kitchen looking from front door

Dining room looking from kitchen (front door
on the left in the back)

Living room (looking from front door, kitchen is
just to the left of picture) Stairs to the second

Basement "play room". Storage/laundry room is
on the right in the corner of picture

Boys bedroom

our bedroom (and Landon taking a nap
on our bed :) )


Rebecca said...

So Nice!!! We are looking at moving to a bigger place soon too and I can't wait until God opens that door. So very happy for you and your family!!!

Unknown said...

Love it :) Can't wait to see the place all set up!

Unknown said...

In person that is :)

Trina Mayfield said...

And we ABSOLUTELY LOVED seeing these pictures and can picture it so much! You have it set up so nice! WE LOVE IT!!! Now I can't wait to see it in person, in just about 50 more days! We are so happy for you guys!

Angela said...

I love it! You guys needed the space so bad. I would make the basement our room and keep all the kids and toys upstairs. Im really happy for you guys.

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

You didn't put up pictures for me, just Mum and Daddy?? I like seeing them. I'm super happy for you and the place looks perfect!!

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