Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Coffee Date

I decided we needed to have another coffee date here at my house. It's been a while and I have so much to say but not enough for one post on each issue. :)

So please come on in. Excuse my boys' utter excitement that you're here. Let's listen to their stories and watch their tricks for a little bit - then I'll put on some cartoons so we can actually have a conversation.

I would pour you some cold brew iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk to sweeten it, just like the Pioneer Woman does! It's so good!!!

How are you doing? Have you had a good Summer? Do you have any trips planned or have you already taken any fun trips? What did you do for the 4th?
We had probably one of the best 4th of July's I've had in a while. (Since I was with my twin probably) We had an awesome breakfast at our favorite place - Snooze. Then we went to the pool. Then had some rest time. Went to a huge barbaganza and then went and saw fireworks just as a family. It was a perfect combination of sweet family time and fun friend time! (but I got like no pictures the whole day!!! What was I thinking???!!?!?!)

I would tell you that I just literally chopped off my hair!!!! I've had it long with almost no style just some layers here and there for about 8 years. It was getting very long which I loved! But sometimes it just gets to a point where you need it cut and fresh look. I chopped it off! I like it. But I need to get used to doing it and seeing myself and figuring out how to make it work for me. I will grow it out again too - but it's nice for a change.

I love going to the pool. Some days when I have the three kiddos (4 if you count the one inside me which totally counts b/c it's a lot of work carrying him around) it's tiring, but so worth it when my boys get all their energy out swimming around. Carson started out not even wanting to put his feet in the big pool. Now he swims around all by himself the entire time in the big pool, (with little arm floaties, which are probably so dangerous, but for now they work). :) I haven't done swim lessons with them yet, and I keep talking about doing it. But they are doing really well without them so far. I'm just proud of Carson for getting over his fears and now he enjoys it so much.  Landon jumps in non stop and has never really been afraid of the water (or anything for that matter).

I always have so much to say - but for some reason don't blog about it! I don't know why. I love blogging, everything about it. Reading ppl's creative blogs, seeing pretty pictures, the friendships that can develop, writing my own, being able to express myself however I want on this little space. I also love having this space as somewhere to remember our lives. I often look back at posts to see what we were doing then or what happened at a certain time. But lately I've just been quiet about it all. That doesn't mean stuff isn't happening or going on, it's quite the contrary. I miss it, and I hope to start blogging more. I have such a burden to be honest and open about motherhood and encourage other moms, and be encouraged myself when I open up. Just right now is a weird time for me to blog often. Blogging is Awesome!

How do I say this without complaining? there's probably no way. :) This pregnancy has been exhausting. I'm used to being able to accomplish a lot during the day, and be involved in many things and be social. But usually I can only handle one or two things a day and I'm wiped out. I can clean and cook supper, but nothing else. I can go out and socialize, but I can't clean my house. :) Between constant demands of two toddlers, teaching and instructing them all day, playing with them, keeping an 11 month old's schedule and feedings and picking up after all of it - I'm POOPED at the end days! Thankfully nauseousness is gone. It left about 15 weeks, but came back with a vengence about 18-20 weeks. That's when I stopped running. Thankfully now at 22 weeks I'm doing better in that regard.

Our Pastor preached a sermon on Psalm 63 last week. And it right at home. I'm in a fluctuating state of drifting from my LORD to thirsting for him and fighting for that joy that he brings in complete satisfaction with his LOVE. I was challenged to fight for it harder and seek him daily and try to understand more about his love and joy and satisfaction I find in him.  What have you been learning lately? or what questions do you have about the LORD?

About a month or so ago I met and chatted with a Mexican mother at a park. Our children were playing together so I struck up a conversation with her to see if I remembered my Spanish. She doesn't speak any English but the kids sorta do and played really well together. She lives close to the park and our house. So it's been a fun relationship to start building. WE were invited to her children's baptism parties on afternoon. So we decided to go. It was a good cultural experience for my family I think. I love that my children have a little exposure to something different that American culture and it's good for Richard to be out of his comfort zone. He does great with it. I hope to keep building this relationship. And plus I get to use my spanish again!!!

This is probably way to long now.  It's probably time for you to go. But I will tell you how nice it was to chat. I would tell you to please come by again and visit me. Until next coffee date . . .


Trina Mayfield said...

Wow - I have so much to say after I read this - I just want to LITERALLY sit with you and talk about it all!!!! This pregnancy is so tiring to you because you have 2(3) other children now to take care of! That makes a huge difference (I well remember being pregnant with Jeffrey)! And I love that you are reaching out to your Mexican neighbor. Remember her biggest need is to know Christ as her Savior! Wish I could literally sit and talk to you, but I did have my tea with me while I read! :-)

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

What an awesome idea, a coffee date!! I love hearing about your 4th, your days at pool, what your learning, meeting and making relationships with new people, all of it!!! I just wish, like Mum, that I could sit and talk with you as well. Miss you, Sista!!!

Marcia said...

Way to go Jess. I had a rough time when I was pregnant with Ray too. Keeping up with everything, 2 toddlers and feeling sick is very hard. If it helps, I am feeling so much better now that he's born and feel like I bounced back faster than with #2. I guess it helps that Ray is an easy baby. God knows what we can handle--by His grace and strength. I think we are both learning to depend on Him more than ever. Thanks for sharing. Its fun to hear from others that face the same challenges every day.

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