Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Differences in Personalities

Every parent of multiple children will say that every child is different than the next. But when you actually observe it happening and can see the differences so clearly it's amazing!

I won't go into detail with all the differences and it would be hard and time consuming for me to describe it all - but needless to say, my children get along so well, but are also so different.

For Memorial Day we decided to famous Boulder Co. They have a humongous 10K race that day with over 50,000 ppl entered and even a professional runners wave. It was really cool to catch them and see them running super fast from different countries. It's huge!

We just headed to the famous Pearl Street where you can always find something happening (and tried to stay away from the race finish, it was crazy there). It's fun to walk around. Enjoy the sites and see the unique people that are there.

Carson is very agile and able to do many coordination things. But he also has always been very aware of his surroundings and very aware of his limitations and very hesitant to things he doesn't fully trust. I have hardly ever worried about him getting hurt b/c of this Landon on the other hand - jumps right in to anything. Is very clumsy and is accident prone. :) And while he is showing some signs of good coordination he has no sense of boundaries and his own limitation. Landon is always hurt or has a bump or bruise somewhere.
This showed itself a lot. My boys love all things SUPER heroes! And we ran into a group of people dressed up as the whole Avengers crew and more. They had awesome costumes. But I was so sad that Carson wouldn't even go near them. He has talked about them non stop since them and just stared at them,  but he wouldn't even give them a high five. :( No pictures for Momma. But Landon loved it, gave them high fives and everything.
This Spiderman was fake,
but the boys loved him

Then we headed to a little splash park in the middle of everything. Carson had been talking about it for an hour or so while we ate. And once we got there. He just wanted to watch everything. But Landon jumped right in. It's funny that Carson still had a great time. But was just hesitant to actually participate. :)


Trina Mayfield said...

Good description of their reactions to the day! It's funny to see their likes and dislikes so much!!! And I loved that I could even picture Pearl Street in Boulder now! :-) So glad you had a great day and that the boys enjoyed your time there. Love reading about your adventures - - -

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I'm so glad you had a good weekend. I could relate so much to what you were saying about your boys.

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