Friday, May 24, 2013

10 Random facts Friday!

It's been a while since I did one of these, so I thought I would do it again this week. :)

1. Yesterday we had to run to the grocery store for our WIC items. The boys were pretty well behaved and at the check out there are little candy vending machines and also some bug options. Carson asks me for a spider from there every time we go to store. I never carry coins with me so I always tell him no. This time the cashier heard him asking, reached into her pocket and pulled out a dollar. Enough for both boys to each get a spider. They were ecstatic and gave her a hug and said thank you. I was practically crying. My eyes were welling up in tears that someone would show kindness to my boys like that and then to see them respond. She completely made my day!

2. My new favorite channel is Animal Planet. :) And my new favorite show is River Monsters! I love it. It's so intriguing. But I can't figure out why anyone still goes into the water knowing something is in there that can eat them. Anyways- I love that show!

3. The other night we watched a show on Animal planet about how Pythons are going to take over our country! Yeah, freaky! That night I dreamed about snakes non stop. To the point that I was afraid to put my feet down to the end of the bed thinking there were snakes down there!!!

4.  Here's another thing that is different this pregnancy. I'm so emotional. (see #1) I've never been a cryer. I only cry usually if I'm very overtired and stressed. Which doesn't happen too often. My first reaction is never to cry first, it's usually to get upset about situations. But this pregnancy - tears are right under the surface almost all the time. I cry reading blogs, I cry talking to someone, I cry watching Modern Family! It's so weird!

5. This Sunday Richard is preaching at our church. WE always appreciate the opportunities that he gets to preach and it is good experience. He does enjoy it too. But boy, working a more than full time job, having a needy family, discipling, and leading a life group all tend to get in the way of a good amount of study time. So this week has been crazy. And this weekend is not slowing down. But after that - he has MONDAY off!!! WOOHOOOO

6. Landon seriously cracks me up. I know I've said this before but he always has some sort of accessory on and always loves to wear things. He is always coming up with different combinations of things. So here is a new one of his!

7. Today I have another doc appointment. I'm excited about it. Let's hope this time they can hear the heart beat. I still haven't been able to hear it on that doppler thing yet. It's just always really comforting to be reassured that things are going ok. especially after you experience things that didn't go ok.

8. Last weekend we got to go to a fun Indoor Football game. Not to be confused with Arena Football. I guess they are different, but who knew. WE had 4 free tickets. So we took another couple with us (who are pregnant also) WE had literally front row seats. It was the wall (out of bounce) and then us. These men were huge in real life. and they play literally right in front of you. They had signs posted all over that you could get hit in the front row, and it could be dangerous, and they are not liable for anything. (note: 2 pregnant ladies sitting in the front row )
9. Richard's parents gave us a tag-a-long bike. (I think that's the name) Last year he was too small for it, but this year it is perfect. I wish these pictures captured the pure joy and excitement on his face. Hoping for many more daddy/Carson rides. And maybe I'll even join the bandwagon.

10. I love Carson to death - but he is really afraid of medicine, needles, bandaids, blood and anything else. (even a bug bite the other day). It's gotten worse over the last year too. And we've had no traumatic experience with anything. Thankfully he doesn't get hurt very often. But he is rather hard to calm and deal with if ANYTHING is out of sorts with him or if he has to get a shot or pricked. Crazy!!! Let's hope he outgrows it soon.

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Trina Mayfield said...

LOVED reading these random facts! It's been a while! It's a good thing that it's not Carson that falls and gets scrapes so much - Landon seems to take it all in stride! I just loved reading all these things here together on your post! Thanks for putting them all on here! LOVE YOU GUYS!

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