Thursday, November 1, 2012

Embrace The Camera

i don't do a post like this every week. but I love the idea and the concept. Go read about it here!  Then go and post your link HERE.

This week I decided to post the traditional Halloween ones! I will do a post about Halloween later with  more pics of their costumes. but here are a couple good ones of me and the boys.
It was a little crazy in Old Town and we had an extra baby
with us that we were watching
for the day! so
I was trying to keep everyone together
Richard snapped this -
but Good memory b/c I probably look like this
a lot for the boys :)

hopefully these people don't mind that we took random pictures in front of their house
Tried to block out any address etc
so no one can find them! :)
Let's pretend its our house
P.S. I love that carson cannot stand still! And Landon's mask
is all crooked. He loved the mask! :)

We had so much fun. We were all wiped out by the end of the day!!!! :) And now we have tons of candy in the house! :)

1 comment:

Trina Mayfield said...

I love these pictures! It was fun seeing you and the boys on that day! Glad the boys' costumes worked out so good!

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