Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Family Pictures

I haven't had many things to say lately on this here blog.  I know so many are praying for me and our family and I truly feel so loved and supported and cared for. That is like medicine to my Soul and I know it's a gift from God, a tangible way he is showing me that he is my heavenly father and is mourning with me and loves me. I'm thankful for that. Although I still have A LOT of ups and downs - today I feel the most like myself. And I'm capitalizing on that. :) Who knows what tomorrow will be like though b/c it changes from day to day (or minute to minute).

So b/c I feel a little better today - I wanted to write this post that was supposed to go out sometime the week that "it" all happened.
Every year I like to get Fall pictures of our family! I just love the fall and I love to have an updated picture for our Christmas cards. 2 days before the big "incident" (for lack of a better word) we were able to get them done and now I'm so happy. I think they turned out pretty good considering we just had a tiny tripod, a 6 year old tiny camera and a self timer. Take a look for yourselves. :)
These pictures make me so happy and sad at the same time. Happy b/c I remember how excited and joyful we were about the future and that we were anticipating a new baby - and sad b/c of how much sadness has filled my heart in the last almost 2 weeks. :(
I am blessed beyond measure by a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful healthy boys! And I am more thankful than ever right now for them.

P.S. - We also had a taken a picture with the boys touching my poking out belly for an "announcement" picture for my blog later in the week. I can't bring myself to post that one though. :(

He had really wacked his eye the night before these pictures
and you can really see his bruise in this one


Sherry said...

Although you are having a lot of emotions surrounding these pictures, they are just precious, and I know that they will mean a lot to you in the years to come. Everything works for good to those that love God, right? God bless you!

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

These are great pictures, Jessica!

doddyj said...

great job posing and getting your boys to smile at the camera with a self timer! you have a gift :)
I'm so sorry though, that one of these beautiful pictures had to be left behind. It always hurts to say good-bye, no matter when. :/

Katie Barker said...

The pictures are lovely - all of them! And I'm sure that the one with the boys and the baby will be a special treasure to keep tucked away. I'm sure it's sort of proof that everything was so real. Even if the proof brings such a flood of emotions. Much love.

Trina Mayfield said...

Love, love, love the pictures!!!!

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