Friday, October 5, 2012

10 Random Facts Friday

1. Once again, my least read post, but I just love doing it! It's so easy to write down a bunch of random thoughts and not feel pressure to make a whole blog about it all.

2. My wonderful Friend Kara is in town. I met her right after we first moved here. She had just gotten married and they've been traveling quite a bit this last year raising support to be missionaries in the Czech. But in the times they were here at their home church, The Crossing, I have really grown to love her. Every time she's here for a visit we get together. She would drop in random days and spend it with me and the boys, or go to a park with me. I love the company like that. I don't know what it is, but I  just clicked with her. She is genuine, simple, understands another culture (which most american friends don't get that part of me), and Christ literally shines through every conversation with her. She is someone who challenges me to make Christ more central in my life without even trying. She is so wonderful. They leave on Tues to start their life in Czech. WE are thrilled excited and so happy for them. But a part of me is so sad and selfishly wants her to stay here to be my friend every week. Anyways - my heart is so happy for her and so sad for me this weekend.

3. I nanny a tiny baby one day a week for right now - and it's so fun. She is a easy going happy content little baby so that makes it easier.

4. It's so funny how perspective in life changes with experience. I want to be careful to word this correctly b/c I in no way want to downplay the "first newborn" stage for a mother. I do not treat that lightly and it is so hard and difficult and life changing and tiresome and stressful. But after having 2 toddler boys - a newborn is quite simply and easy. Eat, sleep, lay there. Wow! It's sorta  nice change.

5. I also started tutoring 2 highschool senior twin boys in Spanish 3. Yikes am I challenged. You would think it would be easy for me. But have you ever not studied English grammar ever, nothing and then tried to tutor Highschool level grammar? Yeah - it's hard! No one speaks like that or actually uses those forms in real life. I just know if it sounds right. :) I love being in Spanish again, but yeah, I feel stupid b/c they have really hard homework. :)

6. I wish I cared more about politics b/c I don't deny that it's very important and I should know what's going on, but it's so hard for me to put effort into understanding and learning it. UGH!

7. Carson has been potty-trained for a whole year, and this lazy mother for some reason still was putting a pull up on him at nights, for an entire year of him being able to go to the bathroom on his own. Yeah, not a good idea! Now trying to train him at night is like a joke! I think we have seen some progress, but I sure hope it doesn't take a year to train him to not have a pull up on at night. Next kid - no way will I even attempt using a pull up. Right away to underwear at night. :)

8. Carson has started sucking his thumb tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People gave me suggestions about rewarding him if he didn't suck his thumb for a certain amount of time with a treat or something etc. His response, "no, I don't want an M&M, I just want to suck my thumb". Me - "well how about a whole handful?",  Carson - "No, I just want to suck my thumb". Me- "well, what treat would you like if you don't suck your thumb". Carson - nothing, I just want to suck my thumb".     HMMMMM - any other suggestions????

9. Carson argues with me that there are 2 gods, not One GOD!!! Yeah - try fighting that one with a 3 year old. He also refuses to pray and doesn't want me to. But I tell him "I like to talk to God b/c he loves me and you and he's my friend, so Landon and I will pray". YIKES! can you please pray for his Soul. And I'm not even joking. Pray that Christ shines through my life so he sees it one day. I keep reading stories of other kids who are so tender to God, and love all things spiritual - and then wonder about my kid. I"m sorta joking b/c we do teach him, and he his learning a little, but sometimes I do wonder. Please don't judge our parenting. I alreayd feel guilty enough that he talks like this and other mothers/fathers boast about how good their kid prays etc. One day hopefully he will be a man of God and I will laugh at this!

10. Its 30 degrees outside yesterday and today - I was not ready for that! But I don't doubt in a couple days it will be back in the 70's so I'm not worried.


Stephani said...

Just for the record, your Friday Facts are my favorite posts. :)

The Horaks said...

I agree! I like these posts! ;) And I also struggle to know how to teach my littles about God. They are just truing so hard to grasp their literal, tangible world; and it's really hard to know how to explain intangible, spiritual things without being blasphemous or too far over their heads! I don't make them pray, or even ask them to, since they don't know God; but I do ask them to be quiet/respectful while others pray. I don't know the answer to what you're going through, but I'll be praying for you and hope you'll pray for me! It's such a big thing, and easy for me to start feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility to teach my children about God; but I've recently been challenged to remember that only God can save them! I'm sure you're doing fine, Jess! Just stay faithful!

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