Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Once again - God Provides

I had fully intended on writing tonight about our great family outing in the mountains that we had this past Sunday - but I think that will have to wait for another evening.

Today - i feel spent emotionally for some reason. Things have been "heavy" here. I'm debating about whether or not to even write about this, b/c I fear I won't word it correctly or it won't come across how I want it to come across.

The main point I want to come across is - God provides, and always will. He loves us, takes care of us and gives us everything we need. I had a Realmoms (sorta like a MOPS group) today and was so encouraged  by the Word that was brought forth. The speaker spoke from John 4 about the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus approached her which was looked down on in that culture. But he promised her the Living water - that he alone could satisfy her inner "soul thirst". Jesus, the God-man and also Jesus - the gospel, is all we need. He can satisfy everything. Through believing that I am a sinner, that God forgave me b/c of Christ's death on the cross and atoning work, and my believing by faith - I can be fully satisfied by God's wonderful grace bestowed on me. In my mothering, in our finances, in my marriage, in my friendships - all of these things - I can be satisfied through the Living Water.

Richard's work has been very up and down lately. We are praying hard about it. We want to be wise. If this new company he is working for succeeds there is great potential, but how long can we wisely endure these dry times with no work. anyways - long story short. A few months back our faith in God's provision was tested farther than it has been in our marriage, and just when we were getting our feet back under us - work has literally died completely down again. I say this not for pity - but b/c I cannot believe the ways that God has shown his love to us through these times.

The past few months I have been praying that somehow some sort of way for me to make some extra income would come about; without me having to sacrifice time away from my kids too much and without Richard having to pick up an extra part time job. (he is busy as it is, and we do not want work and making money to take away from our ministry at the church, it's a hard balance). I sorta thought an opportunity like this was outrageous and what could possibly come about?  But through wonderful circumstances - in the last week - I now am going to be nannying for a little baby and tutoring a high school kid in Spanish. Can you believe it!!!??!! I cannot! The two things I wanted to do and knew I could without sacrificing my family - and that is exactly what happened!
These two things - and a few other little gifts or ways people have blessed us - are such an encouragement to my soul and heart. I'm weepy tonight thinking about how I had little faith and worried and was anxious, but how God in his great love - is blessing us and pouring his Grace on us.

These seasons of life - make us draw near to him, cling to Him.
But just as in Matthew 6 Jesus states why we worry or fret - b/c even the birds are fed, and the lillies are "dressed" so will he provide for us. Our Heavenly Father knows that we have need of these things - and he will provide for us!
I do not need to worry about clothing or food or God providing for our needs b/c he has promised he alone will satisfy me and he will provide for what I need!
Also tonight I was encouraged by Phil 4:6-7 - do not be anxious, but by prayer and pettition with thanksgiving - take your requests to God, and the peace which surpasses all understanding will fill my heart and mind! That is a promise!

Please be encouraged!


Mary said...

Thanks Jessica for this testimony. It blesses my heart to hear how God is growing your faith. Lord willing we are going to go out west next fall. It would be great to see you guys.

Michael milestones said...

Jess, that is great to hear! The Lord hears our prayers and provides in wonderful ways!! So glad to hear about the new jobs for you!

Michelle said...

I'm so excited to hear such good news (when things "seem" to be not so good)! What a blessing that you can help provide without taking away from your family!!! I'm so happy for you, my friend!!!

doddyj said...

perfect timing Jess. thanks for the encouragement while Phil still looks for jobs.

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

Amen!!! Very well said! Love hearing how God is working in you guys life and hearts! Love you!!

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