Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where do I even Start????

I have been thinking about this post for a long time! You see, I am one that is always looking ahead to the  next event or milestone that we will experience. So since the very first day we moved, I've been daydreaming about being able to say "We've been here a year". I think how we grew up we always talked about milestones like this and even celebrated things like this. So my mind is geared to always be thinking about how long it's been or what age my kids are etc. So when we had been here 6 months I couldn't believe it and was wondering what it would be like to be able to say we've been here a year!

An ENTIRE YEAR!!!!!! that means everything from now on will be "last year we were here in CO at this time" or whatever. As the time grew closer to being a full year - i got very nostalgic about it all. Thinking about and talking with Richard about - this time last year - where were we? What were we doing? what kind of emotions and decisions were we facing??! Looking through old blog posts and remembering the raw emotion of it all, the uncertainty of it all, and the excitement of it all - All at the SAME time!

Last year - August 15th we pulled out of PA for the last time, with Richard driving the HUGE yellow truck, and I was driving the car with both boys - for a long 15 hour drive to IL! It was a Monday! By Friday, the 19th of that week we would be walking into our apartment in Colorado, meeting the landlord and unpacking the truck. PHEW! It was quite the week.
The big Truck

 The view I had all week!

  The boys in the car with me

Now here we are! An entire year later and boy! has it been a wonderful blessing.  I want to be careful b/c I don't want to paint a negative picture at all about our time in PA. Our lives were shaped as a couple and family in wonderful ways, and we have some amazing friends b/c of it! And we do not even come remotely close to wishing we did not live there. But at the same time! For us, moving to Colorado at that time in our lives was EXACTLY what the LORD had planned for us!
The Crossing is absolutely wonderful fit for our family. WE have grown in ways that I didn't know we could grow spiritually. Our worship to our Savior is so sincere and wonderful in the services. We are constantly challenged to live out "the gospel" to our fellow church members, and neighbors and acquaintances. We have been challenged so much. We're excited about what's happening there at church, and we are also excited about the experience in leadership we are gaining and what the potential future may hold for us one day somewhere else. It's been amazing. I have friends and people I can call to hang out with and relationships that are building and growing. I'm challenged to be a better servant of God and to be more selfless b/c of the friendships that I have.
Not only do we love the church, but who does not love Colorado! It is absolutely beautiful and the weather has been amazing all year! It's so sunny here and I love that. So many parks and things for me to do with the boys. I have an awesome network of friends that I run with often and who do things outside of running - and it's amazing. In the last year I have gone from running about 12 miles a week to 20 miles a week or more sometimes.And I ran my first of hopefully many half marathons. And it was one of the most difficult around.  That's AMAZING!  We are closer to a lot of family which has been wonderful and we've tried to take advantage of that also.

My boys have changed so much. Landon wasn't even walking yet. And now he is a full toddler almost "little boy". Carson was still in diapers - now he's potty trained all the way! Landon was still on a bottle which seems like light years ago! They both play together imaging things in the living room as the jump from couch cushion to cushion. They can both sit through a half hour of reading books to them! Parks are the best for them now! Landon talks non stop and Carson talks even more, telling me whole stories and answering questions about his days and he remembers things from months or a year ago. They've changed so much!

Now lest you think our lives are perfect - this move has not been without it's challenges. I have had to grow and think differently about relationships and to stop having expectations about relationships. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone many times relationally - and also been challenged to think very selflessly about them which is not easy at all! Richard's job is good - but it has had it's financially challenges also where we have learned more than ever that God is who provides for us. We still live in a 2 bedroom apartment on the third floor with two very active boys! People operate differently here and I have really had to adjust to that and learn to not criticize but to accept and embrace it!

But overall - God has truly been faithful to us! He has poured his grace on us lavishly. He has taken care of us over and over again. My view of God and his mercy and Love towards me has grown so much. To think that He is so loving towards me to take care of my every day needs, and bless me with things is absolutely encouraging to me! I don't want to go into a list of all the ways he's provided for us, b/c I know I would forget things and really the every day person has no care for all the little things, but just so you know - we are truly BLESSED.
I have had the opportunity to encourage a couple people that are entering this "new phase" of moving because of my experience. One thing I always say is "it will be so wonderful to look back a year from now and see how God took care of you. " (b/c it's always incredibly difficult to see or think that when you're in the midst of uncertainty) - and now I'm looking back a year from when we completely uprooted and moved across the county - and I can honestly say I'M THANKFUL to GOD for his never ending mercies to me! I'm know that without Him watching over us we are nothing!

And I am THANKFUL!!!

this is what my boys looked like when we first moved - this
was like a month after we moved!

this is what they look like now! They've grown so much!
(The most recent picture I have of them both)


Shon said...

Cute blog! I love celebrating anniversaries and milestones also. Moving to CO has been one of the best decisions we've ever made!

doddyj said...

thanks for the constant encouragement, both through your words & through the way you live your life! I was surprised as I read through this how we are leaving for CO only 1 week after you did last year...and how God has been preparing this move for us for much longer than we anticipated it. I know it won't be an easy year, but I pray that God reminds us constantly of His grace & helps me learn to have the open and accepting spirit you've grown to have.

Julie said...

So great to hear the update! Congrats on your 1 year:)

Tiff said...

Congrats on 1 year in CO! =) I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about anniversaries and milestones!

Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear your life is so full and happy! Although you are missed...God knows best. And it is very clear that He does! How blessed you are!! Your life looks marvelous out there in CO (yes, I know you still have struggles, too, but marvelous just the same). I'm sure it feels good to feel fulfilled and that your life is THRIVING! I'm happy for you!! (Has it been ONE YEAR already?!?!)

Trina Mayfield said...

It's been nice to watch you take this journey! And, then I loved your reflection on it! Thinking on these blessings will continue to carry you through the hard/difficult days ahead as well. It's always amazing to see how God has taken us through times in our lives - and to celebrate His goodness to us!

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