Friday, August 3, 2012

10 Random Facts Friday

1. This past week I've been chilly enough to put blankets over me to sleep - and it's absolutely GLORIOUS and so welcomed! I'm hoping we made it through the worst part of the summer. This week's weather has been much more bearable and wonderful.

2. Did I mention ever on here that Fall is the best time of year! LOVE wearing Jeans (and now I have skinny jeans) being chilly but able to open windows sometimes still too! I'm already getting excited thinking about Fall being right around the corner.

3. I'm realizing more than ever lately how "easy" it is that my boys are so close in age. Right now I think they are at a good stage. I like this stage a lot I think. (now, some days I go crazy and want some peace and quiet but overall I like it)  They are in a good routine. They play and entertain each other pretty well for the most part. Parks and pools are easy b/c they are both pretty independent. And even though we have our hours of whiny and screaming and disobeying - it seems a little more controlled and they understand all commands and instructions I give them. I know they both understand so I know I can expect them to follow the directions given. And although they seem older and are growing so fast - I love right now that they are still here at home all day with me. I love that they are getting independent with eating, clothing, bathroom, playing etc. but I still have them with me all day long and can control things. I'm dreading the day I have to face when they start going away from me for hours for school. :(

4. Landon is using full sentences now! And even though I can't understand everything he is telling me, he remains calm and repeats things for me to try to figure out. He is communicating so well.!!!! Anyone considering getting their child evaluated and possible speech therapy I would highly recommend it! It has been truly amazing! Where Landon wouldn't say even sounds regarding words, now he is way past all other kids his age and constantly talking with me, mulitple words at a time, clear pronunciation for his age, and even starting to interact with other people. It's amazing!!!!

5. Carson is getting older and older. He is so helpful sometimes I can't take it. (othertimes, not so much, but hey I take what I can get)

6. Richard's work is always Feast or Famine! A little while ago it was Famine! This week is FEAST! I just need to be thankful for all things! Trust God to take care of our needs! and get over it! God's still working on me!

7. I've realized more than ever how perfect Richard is for me! I think he is the only person on this world who has the patience to deal with my weird antics or quarks. Seriously! No other guy would put up with some of the crap I give him, and he always remains faithful! It is so true that you don't realize when you get married all the ways you really are good for each other! A good Marriage is truly a gift from God in this sinful world!

8. I cannot wait for something else besides gymnastics and swimming to be shown on tv for the olympics. don't get me wrong, I'm all about team USA, but I'm getting a little tired of those 2 sports! :)

9. This may be controversial and I don't usually address things like this b/c I'm kinda apathetic - but this whole Chick-fil-A deal and all other situations similar to this - are driving me nutzo! As a church - let's love our neighbor and each other and show the world by our light and love who Jesus is!!!! Enough said from me anyways.

10. I just finished "UNBROKEN" by Laura Hildebrand!!!! It's been a best seller for a while. It was pretty long and I finished it in like a month! WOW! I said to Richard I have read more the last 2 months than I have our whole marriage. hahaha. Can't wait to see what's the next book we read!

and now - excuse me while I get ready to head to the pool. :)

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Trina Mayfield said...

I love reading your post and your random thoughts. I'm so glad we were able to spend time with the boys so I know exactly what you're talking about!:-) LOVE those boys - - -

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