Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Horsetooth Baptisms

This Sunday we had the privilege of watching two of our dear friends follow in obedience and proclaim their decision to accept they are sinners and God's forgiveness and follow Christ with their whole heart. When we showed up a year ago - the second week we were at church was a baptism, we met them for the first time that Sunday a year ago. They are part of our weekly Life Group and this last year getting to know them has been wonderful. To see Brian's life completely changed and renewed over the past year has been a wonderful thing! Angie and Brian are dear, sincere, honest people who have the joy of the Lord inside them, and who are learning every day about the Bible and are being changed into Christ's image! And to walk along beside them helping them has been so encouraging to my Faith!

What a beautiful place to have a baptism!!!! 


Trina Mayfield said...

Such a beautiful place and what a joy to see your friends follow the Lord in obedience! Keep up the good work, impacting lives! You guys do a great job in ministry and we're proud of you!

Michelle said...

What a blessing! And they are lucky to have good friends like you two around them. But I can see that they challenge you, as well...such a wonderful thing!!

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