Wednesday, August 8, 2012

just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

I know I posted this on Facebook earlier - but I wanted to make sure that I had it on my blog too. It's so fun for me to look back over the years at all the posts I have done, so i want to make sure this one is in here too. I'm truly having so much fun going to the pool every day. A wonderful lady from our church just gave me a key to her HOA pool b/c she never uses it. And it's only about a mile and half from our house, with hardly anyone there ever. It's such a great summer activity. Sometimes I take friends with me, and sometimes just me and the boys go. it's so awesome!

My parents just left my house this afternoon for the last time. They were in Denver for a about a week, and stopped here one more night before they head east for the remainder of their "furlough". :( Boohooo!!! I'm so sad about that. I loved having company throughout the days. I loved that my boys got to spend so much time with them. And of course they spoiled us rotten. I loved having company when Richard had to work long hours or got called to do a late late job. I loved having somewhere to go and someone to do it with every day! Definitely a people person around here! But mostly it made my heart so happy to see my boys absolutely adore them and get so excited everytime it was morning and they were here still, or when they woke up from their naps. I'm dreading them waking up from their naps and having to answer the questions "where are gramie and Grampie", But I'm also so, so, so, thankful for awesome grandparents on both sides of the family! my children are truly blessed by God to have Godly gracious, fun grandparents!


Tonya said...

I like the title of your post!

Trina Mayfield said...

And we LOVED having that time with our grandsons too! It was so sad leaving today, but it did make us so thankful for you guys - and for all our family. We'll stay in touch (around the Suriname trip of course)!!!

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