Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Explanation for why I haven't blogged

1. First and number one reason as to why I just haven't felt inspirational or had many things to say on here is - It's Summer time!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! who has time to stay tied to a computer inside,  typing things that come to your head when you're outside? Enjoying all things summer around here. Tanning (for me of course), the boys have layers and layers of sunscreen on, pool time, park time, bbq's with friends, mostly just outside as much as possible. If it's super hot - we go to pool. If it's a little milder - we go to parks or friends houses!!! Taking FULL advantage of the summer time around here! complete with plenty of sweat, eating fruit and hardly cooking! (because really - who wants to cook when it's 85 degrees in your apartment - we mainly eat easy meals, or grilled meals!!! yahoo for momma!)  I don't even have time to think about writing a blog post - b/c first thing in the morning I'm cleaning some things up frmo the house and showering from my run and getting things ready and organized for the day. Then 10-11am we're heading out the door SOMEWHERE fun, or wet, or sandy (the parks have sand here). and we're there for a while, through lunch time, then come home just in time for naps. Wake up from naps, head out for a little more, then cook supper, baths (who am I kidding baths are few and far between around here), bed and mommy's pooped!

A wonderful lady from our church has a membership to their neighborhood pool. We live very close to her and she said she never uses it - so she just gave me the key. It's wonderful! The boys love it and it's perfect for us. We still go to our friends pool when we're invited but for other days when we've worn out our welcome we always have this one! And it's great!!!!
Why not put all the chairs in the pool????

This is my view every day we go to the pool. Just perfect in my opinion

one of my favorite pictures of these two!

He is doing much much better lately in the pool
it's a lot more fun now with him :)

2. As I was driving around town running errands one day - I was trying to think the reason why I just felt no desire to blog or sit down and type something, or why I felt like I had nothing to say worth making a blog post about. - and it hit me! The times when I've blogged the most have been in times of transition in our lives or huge changes - whether it was a child being born, or moving across the country. Before and during and after those times of major transition or "instability" have been when I've blogged the most. And I decided blogging for me is therapeutic. It helps me feel connected to people. I love letting my friends and family around the world know what's going on and what we're deciding and doing! I enjoy sitting down and typing things out in my head - and mostly so that people who read it can maybe understand me a little more. Maybe the people who care to read my blog can see and read what I'm feeling and how things are affecting our life and how we are doing. It's my way of coping I guess - with major transition or life change. 
And that all goes to say - I guess we're pretty stable right now. Our major move was almost a year ago now!!!! and I cannot believe it - but we have settled very well here and adjusted very easily and our lives are starting to form here and relationships mostly have been formed and are growing on tons of levels. We enjoy where we are for right now! it's also been a while since we've had a child or been pregnant so we are calmer in that sense as far as transition goes. We are settled right now with the family we have! It's a good place to be - and somewhere we haven't been for a couple years now!

I have two big helpers in my kitchen anytime I want to do anything :)

As you can see - wiped out from the sun, water, and fun
Have I mentioned how much this little guy is a complete "goof ball" with me.
he cracks me up every day. And he talks like crazy now
He is quiet and shy at first - but
if you know him well - he is a little funny guy!

Letting mommy get organized for the day
before we  head out for a day of fun at the pool!
 And other reasons on a much smaller scale 
3. I got a new smart phone and now only do instagram - so if you desire to keep up with me follow @jessgardner2 :)
4.There are hardly ever rainy days here in CO so no days just to sit at home and veg or stay in our pj's during this summer. Taking full advantage of the sunny days here in Colorado.
5. I'm in a book club now - so instead of blogging, I read a real book. Go figure! ??!!! :)

So I've decided - I will not stress about it anymore. I will post when I feel like it. I will write or post pictures when there is time and when I feel inspired. But for now! I'm enjoying so much this 1st sunny summer in colorado and lots of time with family as it is right now. Because I'm sure in the near future there will be transition - b/c we can never stay like this for too long :) And probably then you will hear more from me.
or in the winter when I'm stuck inside - my mind will think about possible blog posts more often.

oh and P.S. I probably still find time to read your blog - b/c I love keeping in touch and I love blogs :)


Jennifer said...


Love your pics! As I read your post.....so many wonderful memories came flooding back to me! My two oldest boys are 17 months apart as well! (Though they are 10 and 9 now...plus a five yo) But, I remember those days like they were yesterday! So hard...yet so blessed! Boys are so fun, aren't they?


Tonya said...

I like your blog a lot. I have had you on my favorites for a while but I just got my own blog so now I can become an actual "fallower" (I don't have facebook or twitter) I have two boys and two girls. I am addicted to reading blogs! But I have a lot of time with my iphone while I nurse. lol

Fallow me at http://abundantjoy04.blogspot.com/

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