Friday, July 6, 2012

10 Random Facts Friday!!!!

1. It has been pretty stinkin' hot in CO (and very dry most of the time) and we live on the 3rd floor of a pretty small apartment. We didn't have any ac that worked. But we did have a HUGE unit that mounts into a window, but b/c of size and weight had no way to put it into the window. Well - it was getting a little inbearable so my loving, awesome husband rigged up a set up and now the house gets cooled off and we are much happier in this house! It might be pretty Ghetto - but I don't care - we are a lot more comfortable than we were before!
It might not be completely efficient - but it does
actually work
2. We have new neighbors move in downstairs - I wonder how long we have before they complain about the boys running around all day long???!!!?

3. Landon is now saying 3 words together at a time often and repeats everything we tell him to. i cannot believe the improvement in 6 months! and now I am proud to say as far as communication goes - I've noticed he is far ahead from other kids his age!

4. I really need to go grocery shopping but the last month I have found out I can usually put it off a bunch of days - and I like to think that's saving us  money

5. I joined a book club! The running group I've been a part of starting all reading a book together and last night we got together to "talk" about it! I cannot describe how good this is for me in so many areas. I have friendships with ppl all different ages and backgrounds. I learn so much from them. We have a camaraderie and a unique bond b/c we run together often and push each other. We get together for people's birthdays and now the book club! I've learned so much from them about so many different areas. I just absolutely love it. Now I'm being challenged to read books too outside my normal realm and I really think that is good for me.

6. I'm getting my hair cut today and I am so excited! I've never been so excited. :) It's been since Dec 31st!!! Yes, count that 7 months since I've had it cut - and boy can you tell! My hair is straw like and scraggly - so I think a good hair cut will help me feel so much better.

7. Due to weird sickness (mostly cold-like symptoms) we have not been to a pool since last Friday! boy - that's a long time. :) This momma is in need of some sun rays on her pale-ing skin :) also - I get a lot more cleaning and organizing done when I just stay inside with the boys! I said to richard - when i don't go to the pool so much more gets accomplished around the house! I guess that's what winter is for - cleaning the house from summertime, ha.

8.There is a cooler front moving through this weekend - and we are welcoming it with huge open arms! :)

9. Carson is answering questions we ask him with "yeah, sure". I love it. He is also singing along with the tv and radio now! That makes me so happy!

10. We are throwing around the idea of going camping tonight! I know - normal people would be a whole lot more prepared - but ya know, we're minimalists, easy going, and low maintenance type people - so we don't need a lot of time. :) We'll decide when Richard gets home from work. The weather is the thing that's holding us up on our decision. UGH! It's probably going to rain. But I can't wait to have a family adventure together :)

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Trina Mayfield said...

I love your random facts because it includes things that you might not just say in an E-mail to me!:-) Love catching up with this other way. I'm SO GLAD about Landon's progress and glad to know that he is starting to communicate more. And I always just like reading about your family! Can't wait to hear if you go camping tonight or not!:-)

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