Thursday, July 5, 2012

What our fourth looked like in case anyone wants to know :)

Boy - we had a full day packed with lots of fun.
First off - my 5 K race. (for those of you who ask "how far is 5 Kilometers?" it's 3.1 miles) It was a pretty hot day and I hadn't really been training for speed, but being the competitive self I am, I was still hoping to beat my last time in March. Sadly I was about 6 seconds slower. (which i can justify is still good, b/c it was way hotter and I am not in as good of shape as before :) ) I ran it in 26 min 30 sec  #348 over all  and 14th out of 66 in my age group! That's not too shabby.  I will definitely try to do that one every year. The course was excellent, the community and stuff was great and I really enjoyed that race a lot!

Some of the ladies from my Running group. I've really started to love
my morning runs with them and the social
activities that we do together! I'm so thankful
I found them when we moved here and they are such a good thing
for my soul!
Finishing strong
The there was a fun Kid's run. It's very laid back. And I knew our kids wouldn't have run the whole length so when the kids started coming, we jumped right in and Carson loved it! He was smiling the whole way with his new best friend!!! It was so cute. Landon on the other hand got very overwhelmed running with all the kids and everyone yelling - so I just picked him up and crossed the finish line with him to get a ribbon. But they all loved that they ran across the finish line like "mommy" and then got a prize! (which is more than I got ;) )

I don't know if you can tell - But Carson and his best bud Seth are smiling from ear to ear!
Carson told me he beat Seth - but
the truth is in the Picture! It doesn't look like it carson
But that's ok b/c Seth's dad is a Major fast runner - he ran this race in under 16 min!!!
Their Ribbons
After the race we went out for brunch with some good friends and just enjoyed stuffing oursevles with yummy eggs and pancakes after a hot race. But mostly getting some good coffee in me. :)

We came home for naps - but later in the afternoon we were invited to 2 different big bbq's. can you ask for something more fun to do on July 4th - and we had 2 to boot!!! We enjoyed food and company at both of them thoroughly!
This was our food at one of the places. Crazy!

 Then we went to one of the only local showings of fireworks in the area (due to the major dry situation and fires going on). People we warning us that it would be crazy b/c it was the only ones going in the area - but it was nothing we weren't used to for 4th of July fireworks. we really enjoyed ourselves as a family and the boys loved it so so much!  I'm thankful for this wonderful day where Richard got paid to play with us all day and be a family!!!!  


Trina Mayfield said...

I LOVED reading about your 4th! You guys really can pack a day! And it sounds like it was a GREAT ONE! So glad you had fun and it won't be long until the boys do join with you in the running. Sounds like a perfect 4th of July!

doddyj said...

So fun! I personally enjoyed reading about your day :) I was surprised to hear you were able to see fireworks. I enjoyed taking Natalie too- it's so neat to see normal activities through a child's eyes. Thanks for sharing!

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