Monday, July 2, 2012

I blogged

It's been a while since I've posted a blog! Like 12 days!!!!! Can you believe it!!!??!?!!
That's not to say we haven't been doing anything - I just haven't felt inspired to blog and I just didn't want to sit down and type something out. Nothing that I was thinking seemed clear enough or exciting enough to type and the events we've been doing haven't exactly been on my mind to write about! Weird? maybe but hey - it's my blog so I'll post when I feel like it.

Part of the reason is b/c it's been stinkin' hot here!!! our house is very uncomfortable to do anything in. And although I'm very glad about no humidity here - I'm still hot! :) so we've been finding reprieve by mooching off friend's pools as many days of the week as we can.
Which means little time to sit down at a computer here at home. And when I am home I'm either cleaning or keeping the kiddos occupied. I should check and see if the amount of my writing goes up in the winter when I'm bored and stuck inside. I would venture to say it does. In the summer there' just too many activities outside of the home to be involved with.
Pools - yes - we've gone to many pools many days! And the boys love it. and I do too! Pack a lunch and some towels and head out almost every morning. We love it!

Here is just a little recap of our last few days in pictures

Summertime - in all it's glory!!!
We had a little bbq/park fellowship time with our Life group a week or so ago - and Landon saw this just sitting around and he literally put it on almost all by himself. he loves to wear accessories :) At least these are "manly" accessories :) and acceptable to his father :)

We attended our 3rd wedding in a months' time!!! Crazy I know! And this wedding was 102 degrees at 2 pm outside in the bright sunshine. but it was a beautiful wedding and we all survived ;) what a fun date! Which also brings to mind - I have found the best babysitter in the entire world. She is quickly becoming a family friend and considers my boys her "adopted" grandchildren. She had them bathed and ready for bed by the time we got home without me asking at all. She loves them and enjoys them. I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful person to watch my boys for us when we need it!!!

Picture taken right before we were both sweating profusely from the
intense heat!! :)

We are so happy for Jason Gardner (Richard's brother). He has worked very hard for quite a few years and this past Saturday was the grand opening of his very own bike shop. He has been running his own business out of his garage for a while and finally is ready to start his own shop! We drove down to Denver to help him celebrate the grand opening! We could not be more happy for him! If you need a bike or a bike mechanic I know a very good one!!!!
story time with the kiddos - right before a quick ride around the block to
Menchies! the best frozen yogurt place ever!!!!

jinji cycles go check it out!

Another reason i haven't been blogging is b/c I've been reading
imagine that ;)
Very good book. My running group started a little book club
and this is our first book.
I highly recommend it!!!

And today my boys are sick :(
too much pool time I guess
so a "lay-low" day in a hot apartment
with whiny boys is on the menu :)
Hope everyone is doing well. Keep posted for our 4th of July happenings and my race :)


Trina Mayfield said...

Nice to catch up on your blog and to see pics from your last few days! And, I might have to read that book while I'm in the States - it looks good! I can't believe you're part of a book club!:-) Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog so thanks for posting again!

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

Great post!! That is so great you have friends pools to go to, helps get out of the house and wear the kids out! A stay at home day is always needed after a busy week. What race are you doing?? Can wait to hear about it!! I slacked off this year and I'm not doing one. Maybe cuz I don't have a partner :-) Miss ya!!!

doddyj said...

So glad to hear you have a few friends with pools. That makes summer more bearable! I just wish that Reece would get over his fear of water. He hates being in a pool, which makes it very hard to go somewhere alone with the 2 kids. :/ Can you also ask your favorite babysitter if she has a sister or friend in the Springs area (lol)? ;) It's so great to hear that you all are settling well and that God is providing extra blessings for your family!

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