Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Simple Valentine's Day

I titled this with fear that it will be overlooked 
because of the unoriginality of this post! 
But hey - 
let's all follow the crowd and find a new creative way to write about our valentines. :)
These pictures are from our Very First Date! I had sort of forgotten about this whole date until Richard brought it up reminiscing with me last night. (I love to Reminisce! It's something us Spences {my mom's side of the family} do really well)
You see, I "liked" Richard for a while before he decided I was his "catch". We were great friends and had a great circle of friends that we always hung around with our Junior and Senior year of college. It was the day of this Valentine's day banquet and Richard in his "play-it-cool-don't-want-to-fall-into-the-normal-dating-scene" randomly just asked if I had a date and b/c I didn't said something ridiculous like - "why don't we go together then."
Of course my heart melted. . . Could this guy really have asked me to go with him? Was it true? Did he like me? 
I knew in my head that he only asked as a "friend" and because our whole group of friends would sit together. But some little glimmer of hope inside my heart hoped it would be more. (obviously there was more, I just had to be patient and let him figure it out on his own). :) 
 I worked hard at convincing all my friends and myself that he still only viewed me as his "friend" which actually was true. What a "jerk" you might think. . .
But I had fallen for him - and I knew we were perfect for each other so I was willing to put up with his "antics" and wait for him to figure it out. :) And Boy am I ever glad I did wait! because my what a catch he is! He did figure it out and once he did - he has been ALL IN 100% in love with me and treats me like a Queen! and loves me more forgivingly and unconditionally than I could have ever imagined!

I asked him last night why he even asked me on that banquet date in the first place - his answer - "Because I was one of the coolest people he had ever met". That might not make many of your hearts flutter if you were told that, but that was just the thing that I wanted/needed to hear!

This year we decided to stay in. I don't think we have EVER done that before. We put the boys to bed right at 7pm and luckily they stayed in bed and slept happily all night. Then we made the most amazing dinner ever and ate it by the fire on our living room floor. We chatted all evening and relaxed. I said, "Why haven't we done this before?" the food was so good and it was so relaxing to just stay inside!
I made a pesto, chicken, artichoke, roasted red pepper pasta dish that was to die for! Better than any restaurant dish we could've ordered, with a spinach, mandarin, craisin salad with Raspberry Hazlenut Vinaigrette and garlic bread! AMAZING!!!!

This was a picture we took just before we had a Valentine's date on Saturday night to a banquet with some couples from our church!  My how we've aged. :) But I'm happier than ever with the love of my life. He loves me despite all my qorks and he gives of himself more than I ever imagined to me and our family!

p.s. for those of you Fellow Northlanders - yes, that is sparkling cider in the dining hall, and yes we got in trouble for it! hahahahaha, ahhhh the memories!


Beth said...

hahaha! I laughed at the sparkling juice picture and laughed some more when you mentioned it! :)

Trina Mayfield said...

Oh, I totally remember those days!!! This post brought tears to my eyes - just thinking back about it all and then being so overwhelmingly thankful for how it all worked out!!! And, yea, we do SO WELL in reminiscing and talking about it ALL again and again and again. We never tire of it!:-)

Michelle said...

something cute I both have goofy grins in the picture of your first date AND in the newer pictures. You can CLEARLY tell you both are STILL madly in love. so sweet.

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