Saturday, February 11, 2012

He's Back where He Belongs

Richard is a native to Colorado and grew up skiing BIG mountains his whole life, and he loved it! He also mountain biked and hiked and rock climbed.

Then life happened - We moved to Northeastern PA, and although they have the Pocono Mountains, they really are nothing compared to the Rockies. He was going to Seminary and paying for it out of pocket without taking loans, and we had 2 kids. The opportunities and abilities to do those "hobbies" he once enjoyed thoroughly were not as accessible or feasible. He has spent 5 years NOT doing those things that he loves.

As his wife, who loves him very much obviously, I was always sad for him and felt bad for him b/c I knew he missed it. He hardly ever complained about it, and he had such a good attitude recognizing it was the "stage of life" we were in, and not the best thing for him right now, and really just not feasible.

Then we moved back to Colorado. He had worked a lot this week, so his boss gave him Friday off. At first we were both excited to spend the day together as a family in Denver with other family. Then he got an invitation to go skiing. I'm not gonna lie - I was a little sad  to not be able to have that day with him - but only shortly b/c to see the excitement and almost "life" come back in his eyes just made my heart so happy. It's weird but I almost teared up for joy. I was so so happy that he was able to enjoy Vail Mountain again. He went with a great new friend, they had awesome snow and great runs, and it was just a great day overall. He truly is a Coloradoan at heart and nothing can take the love for nature, mountains, snow, skiing out of him!

There's something so special seeing your spouse enjoy an activity so much and see that "excitement" in his eyes over it. How can you be sad the plans were changed when you see how much he enjoyed it!

He is BACK HOME folks!
and that makes me so happy!

no, this is not him, but he probably looked like that :)


Trina Mayfield said...

You had me fooled in that picture - I thought it was him!!! I'm sure he looked JUST LIKE THAT!!! I'm so glad he had a good day skiing and that the whole family is so happy to be back in Colorado! The scenery is always so amazing there!!!

Michelle said...

I'm SO happy for him, Jess! Yes, you are see our hubby's HAPPY and FULFILLED fills OUR hearts with unspeakable joy!!!! So glad Richard gets to be "himself" again!!! What a blessing!!!! xox

jeileenbaylor said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of you two - especially of you kissing - so sweet :)

Jessica said...

I love your pictures together! This is such a sweet post. I've never been to Colorado, but it's definitely on my list of beautiful states to see someday.

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