Friday, November 11, 2011

I surivved!!!

Well folks - I am overjoyed that Richard made it home safely. some of you might take this post as me being a wimp, and I'm completely aware that my circumstances are very minimal compared to many of my friends who this happens to a lot. But Richard was gone for about one night and two days.

First off - let me say - I hate sleeping by myself. In my younger days I was seriously scared a lot!!!! and even growing up drove my sisters nutzo b/c I always wanted to sleep in their room and not my own. I have since "grown up" and also recognized my sinfulness in being so afraid and that God is always with me and loves me and protects me, but that was a long road and one that I sometimes still battle. But God has given me a lot of grace.
Very few times has Richard left me in our marriage, like probably only 2 or 3 counting this time. And those times I just planned to visit my sister for that time.  I'm usually the one that leaves. And it's much easier when I leave with the kiddos b/c I'm going to my sister's house, or with my mom, or with family or friends. It's a whole other story when he leaves and I'm stuck at home. :(

He was flying to somewhere in Ohio, like Columbus or something, getting picked up by a random man (he did this with another co-worker) who sold 2 box trucks to his boss here in CO. Then as soon as they did the transfer of titles etc they started the long trek back to CO. He flew out on Weds morning and got home around midnight last night! Boy - was he tired. It was almost our move all over again, like 20 hrs or something like that. (it did take them a little longer than that I think)

I knew the trip was coming up and I did try to see if anyone I knew (which is not that many ppl) wanted to stay with me. Nothing ended up working out, and I would never ask a friend to leave their husband to come stay with me. Overall though, the time was fine and nothing major happened, and I'm pretty sure the boys hardly noticed.

I drove down to take him to airport then back again. We went to the park for lunch. Then to the library. I wanted to exchange some books and we ended up getting the movie "UP". (He loved that movie) That night good friends invited us for dinner which was so nice b/c I would've just cooked Mac and Cheese. :) When we came home I put Landon to bed, and Carson and I made popcorn and watched part of the movie. He was in Heaven. :)
Thurs morning - he watched the end of the movie while eating pancakes (a sure treat in our house, usually that's a dinner commodity). It was a beautiful day out, so we enjoyed lunch at the park again for a while. Both days boys slept great during naps, and at night and for that I'm extremely thankful.
We made a "welcome home" sign with water colors for Daddy and had a long bubble bath and let them play for a while.
I tried to accomplish very little throughout the days and really just enjoyed spending time with the boys - trying not to watch the clock in anticipation to Richard's arrival. I noticed that made a huge difference b/c they had my attention and I was not stressed about accomplishing certain things.
He did get home very late, around midnight, last night. He was tired and drove a very long time in an uncomfortable Box Truck.

he is home and back at work again. and we are thankful to have him home.

I survived one night by myself in our house and actually I slept pretty good and didn't "fret" too much about anything. I honestly don't know how my friends do that for extended period of times and often. I know that is so much work for one person. I admire you all. (and you all really think I'm a wimp too ) I hope that it does get a little easier with time though. For now - I will enjoy the Richard's company and help even more!


Michelle said...

Glad you made it! (and you are NO WIMP!'s hard even for ONE night...I'm a big baby about the whole thing, too!!) Wished I could've been there for you :( But I am comforted in the fact that "God keeps His own"..and the proof is in the seems like you had a lovely time and God took great care of you! I'm thrilled he's home safe and sound with you now!! xox

Trina Mayfield said...

You have really made HUGE steps toward handling things like that, so I'm impressed. I'm glad it went so well for you and times like that just make us appreciate our spouse that much more!!!! GOOD JOB!

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