Monday, November 28, 2011


I titled this post "beauty" b/c I'm going to write about 2 things - Beauty in marriage, and Beauty in Colorado. :)

As I sit here during nap time with my zucchini muffin and coffee thinking about what to write - I am blessed and thankful. I might not always respond to situations or lack of a situation correctly - but ultimately I want to remember "the good things in life".

If you can see - I'm dying laughing! these kind of pics
just make me giggle! But still cute! :)
Marriage = Boy, where do I start. I'm am a thousand times thankful for my marriage and for my husband. It's amazing to me that way back in college I didn't even know how good it could be or how wonderful of a man Richard actually was, but boy am I glad we are together. Without going into detail about actually how wonderful Richard is and what I admire about him (b/c I doubt all the readers really care about that, suffice is to say he is THE BEST) I will just say that God has a perfect way of giving us pleasure and happiness in this life despite our sinfulness and selfishness and for that I am thankful.
Marriage truly is a beautiful thing. I in no way want to paint a perfect picture or say that we have a perfect relationship (we definitely have our moments especially when you decide to move across the country where you know no one or nothing) but to see how unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness is given to me in human form makes me appreciate so much more my salvation and relationship with Christ.

As we started our journey of 5 hours over the mountains to Western Colorado, Grand Junction, to spend thanksgiving with Richard's parents and extended family our thoughts and minds were flooded with memories of our first year of marriage when we lived in Grand Junction and drove parts of that road many times. 
How much has changed. 
How many memories we have.
How many stories we have.
Who we are now compared to who we were back then. 
Joyful memories mostly of a blissful first year of marriage. But how rewarding to be able to look back and say how much more we love/know each other since then. How much God has molded us closer to his image through our marriage. 

Now going back with our 2 kids is something different too! But what fun!

So we celebrated Thanksgiving with the family and ate tons of food and had a lot of fun catching up! Friday morning Richard and I decided to capitalize on babysitters and celebrate our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary.

It's wonderful to be in CO and have so many towns and places available to us to go and visit and see and do things. We drove straight to Aspen on friday and spent the afternoon and evening there. Boy is that a cool little mountain town. All i can say is a LOT of MONEY goes into that town and not very much comes out! :) It was fun to walk around and see things and look inside the stores. But definitely felt like everyone knew that we did not fit in that town. Over half the people there did not speak English (and it wasn't spanish either) and the stores were outrageaous. But fun to just explore and look around. We were able to find a "cheap" little local "diner" type place and got some GREAT food! (Spanikopita - I had never had that, but boy was it good)

Saturday we had the entire day - and boy let me tell you, when you have all day with no kids it feels like a whole week. Things get accomplished super fast, no timeline to operate by, and no naps, eating, diapering schedule, or buckling of a zillion seatbelts or strollers. 
We first went to the resort with the Natural Hot Springs.(what the town is known for). Got a day pass. What a weird phenomenon that it is. Huge pools with water 104 degrees and 35 degrees outside the water, steam rolling off the water and people's bodies as they get out of the pool. Basically a bunch of people scantily clad standing around in hot water trying not to act like you're watching anyone, but not wanting to make conversation with the one you came with b/c you know everyone is listening. hahahahaha. But it felt so good! Pure minerals, hot water and a relaxing environment. (It was just so funny to look at the pool as you were getting in and see all the people).

After a while we went on a hike to "Hanging Lake" So Beautiful!!!! (this is where the beauty in CO comes in :) ) The path is about 1.2 miles long and pretty steep and as you got higher it got icier and snowier and colder. It was a little scary walking up and down trying not to slip b/c the last thing you needed on a vacation getaway was to end up with broken bones. it was a little treacherous but so worth it when you got to the top! Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery all around and all the way up the hike! It was amazing and so fun to do!

AFter our "vigorous" hike what better thing to do but to go back and soak in the natural spring water!!!!! So that's just what we did. Then we ate out again! Then went back at night! It was way nicer at night b/c between the dark and the steam it didn't feel quite as busy and a little more "private" but so relaxing! 

Sunday we drove back to Rifle to meet up with the boys at the Church Richard's Father pastors. Spent the morning there and then ate lunch with them and drove back home over the mountains to Rifle.

What a Great weekend! One that we will remember always!
I love you Richard
Thanks for a great 
5 years together!
Can't wait for the next 5 years of memories!


Trina Mayfield said...

I still can't believe that it's been 5 years, but when I look at your life and your boys, I know it must be!!!! I'm so happy to read all about your life and your happiness! Even though I read about it in the E-mail today, it is nice to read about it on your blog too! As I've said before, it sure makes a mother proud to know you are so happy and that the Lord continues to bless your life. I'm glad you had a great time too!

doddyj said...

Wow Jess - I could not have explained marriage any better. You certainly have a way with words! I kept thinking about your voice inflections the entire time I read your post - how I could seriously hear you speaking it in my ear the entire time I read! You made me laugh over your explanation of the awkward hot pools, because I totally understand - kinda like sitting in a hot tub at a hotel with other people you don't know, feeling like you're popping each other's personal bubbles but not wanting to leave since the hot water makes you feel so good. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing your journey - I love CO so much (my mom used to live there and Phil's uncle lives in Grand Junction!) and I thought your pictures really captured its beauty! Congrats on 5 years!

Kelly Hughes said...

sounds blissful!! I can't wait till Eden weans so we can get away. :) happy 5 years!

Tiff said...

Looks like you had a lovely 5th anniversary! Congratulations!

AnneB said...

Enjoyed the update and stories! I agree with the above post- I too can hear your voice telling me these stories as I read your words! Well done

Erica M said...

Hey, thanks for linking up with lovelinks for the first time! Have you had a chance to visit some of the other lovelinked posts? That's half the fun!

Jamie said...

Great pics for a great trip it looks like! Welcome to lovelinks!!

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