Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl

Our super bowl night turned out different than planned - but tons of fun. And sad to say - I have no pictures. :(
But we were going to a friends house originally - but they got sick (booo) so they had to cancel. :(
So on Saturday night - Richard and I decided to have some people to our house. I already had plans to make 2 things to take to the other people's house, so I just thought, "well, I'll add a few more things and it will be fine". But I had not bought any of the items yet.
Right after church we ran to Mcd's (not something I would advise to get, but these were desperate measures) and picked up our lunch, ate it on they way to walmart and then bought our groceries. (I had made a list of things that morning). Got home, took care of out two boys, and started on preparations. Richard was a huge help, helped me clean the house and get everything ready.
I made - great hummus recipe (first time, and I loved it) with Veggies and crackers, boston creme cupcakes (amazing!), buffalo chicken dip, and little smokies in bbq sauce. We had the other people bring a few things too - they brought pizza wheels, a great mexican dip, cookies, and chocolate football things and soda! (can you tell, I just like the event and food, and not really the football aspect hahahaha).
It was a great time of fellowship, building relationships in our church and we hope they enjoyed things as much as we did.
I have always thought it would be fun to plan a super bowl party - but I didn't think it was possible to do it so spur of the moment - but it was so much fun to do. :)


Arlee Mariah said...

I made buffalo chicken dip too! It's so good.

Katie Barker said...

Ah - glad you had such a fun night! I totally know what you mean about the food (and commercials) more than the game!

Team Worth said...

Thanks for Having us, and opening up your home last minute. We had a lot of fun too. Great group of friends to spend the night with :). The food was AMAZING! Definitely need to eat better this week to make up for that:)

Trina Mayfield said...

You are such a great hostess, Jess. It sounds like you had a great night and a fun time. I wish I was there for the food and fellowship too!

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