Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 Months and Cereal

Landon is 5 months old now! I can't believe it and am still so thankful to God for bringing him into our lives how he did. I can honestly say I am so thankful for Landon, and the work God did in richard and i's life when he came into the world.

Landon started Cereal the other day. He did terrible at it, hated, it and as you see by the last picture, ended up literally THROWING UP all over everything! Awful!!! (he would gag every time the spoon touched his tongue and eventually couldn't handle it anymore and threw up)He is doing better now, I tried the reclining position which works a lot better, and even loves it and is eating it almost like a pro.

On another note - he already has 2 teeth. (which doesn't surprise me b/c Carson got them super early too)

One day i walked into the living room to find my two lovely boys like this, so adorable


Trina Mayfield said...

I'm glad he gets it now, but it sure does look like he didn't like it. I can't wait to show it to Daddy and see Daddy moving his mouth with Landon, trying to get it in there!:-) Were you moving your mouth? It's pretty funny watching it but I'm glad he gets it now!

Unknown said...

Landon is soooo cute! It's funny how much you forget after you child "passes" those stages <3

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