Monday, February 21, 2011

Weird week

We've had kinda a weird few days in our household, not stuff that is routine and just makes you feel weird, you know.
Wednesday Richard came home from work saying he wasn't feeling well. He had a fever and just did not feel well. So thursday he woke up with a worse fever and feeling worse, so he stayed home from work, and canceled his meeting that he had scheduled in the evening. I tried to keep the boys away from him as much as possible so that he could rest. It all worked out pretty good since a good friend of mine needed some company in the ER room with her daughter since her husband was on a trip. I was glad to help out, and thankful that Richard was home so I could just leave. But we were out very late.
Friday - after getting home at 3 AM, and coughing a lot, I babysat my nephew for about 4 hrs bright and early, Richard got up still not feeling well, but went to work. Thankfully I had nothing planned and in the afternoon layed down to rest, trying to fight off this cold. But by evening I was not doing good, and Richard still was running a low grade fever, so we went to bed at 8:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time in forever I think that's happened.
Saturday - I had a jewelry brunch party at my house that we got ready for and enjoyed a fun time with a small group of girls. And in the afternoon we rested, trying to still get over this sickness, with Richard still running a low grade fever and me coughing and feeling really sick. :(
in the evening, I spent an hour babysitting for the neighbors until their babysitter could get there, then came home and we pretty much vegged out and went to bed.
Sunday - more vegging and no church for us. Every night we go to bed thinking - we will feel better in the morning finally, but we still don't. What a nasty cold for us adults in the household!!! Thankfully Richard's fever has broke, but we both sound terribly stuffed up and coughing!!!
Last night we got a bunch of snow so Richard had the day off of work, and we still don't feel well. I hope this cold goes away. So far the boys are healthy of which we are thrilled about.
Tomorrow I'm leaving to spend a few days with my sister. I cannot wait!
here's to hoping tomorrow we actually do feel better :)
I'm learning to be thankful recently - so thank you God for health that you grant us! Thank you for a warm house to veg in, and for keeping our boys healthy so far.
On a side note - Carson hates the snow - will not play/ walk/ or touch the snow! hahaha. WE watch our neighbor girl roll all around in the snow - but Carson freaks out. Oh well. Maybe next year


Team Worth said...

Hope all of you are feeling better today. Sorry the cold has stuck around so long =(. Here's to another day at home with your family! Enjoy your visit with your sister...missed you yesterday!

Unknown said...

That is cute about Carson. Lizzy didn't like the grass, so it was easy to keep her on a blanket in the grass as a baby.

Sorry you and Richard aren't feeling well, I hope it passes soon.

Tim, Kristen , Megan, Emily, and Anna said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick..hope you both feel better quickly. I bet Carson will love the snow next year. Megan did the same thing last year...would not walk in it or play in it. This year, she LOVES the snow. She loves walking in it, making snowmen, throwing snowballs, etc.

Trina Mayfield said...

Here's to hoping you all feel better when you're back together again! And I really hope the boys don't catch it! I think it's really funny how much Carson doesn't like the snow. I'm thinking it will change but I guess we'll see next year!

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