Monday, February 28, 2011


A little update on life here in the Gardner household:
I'm learning in a Bible study (I've had the privilege of being a part of a Ladies Bible Study which I've thoroughly enjoyed and cherished) - Be thankful. I'm trying to remember to think about through the day - Give thanks to the Lord, b/c his LOVE endures forever!!!!! Being thankful will help overcome complaining. Also being content with where God has me in life, and what he has provided for me. Not coveting a different status or recognition, or possession. Thanks to the Israelites who serve as an example to us in the wilderness. If God provides for the birds and makes the lillies bloom - how much more will he care for me.
A dear friend of mine really challeneged me to be waking up in the morning before the boys get up to have some time with God. (something I've never been consistent with). No more excuses of a newborn, b/c he's sleeping through the night and almost 6 months old! Boy, this is changing my life. For some reason this time I've really going to be stubborn about getting up. She encouraged me with how it has transformed her life, and I wanted that for me. And now for 2 and half weeks I've done it, and have enjoyed it. I almost look forward at night when I go to bed, that I will get up and have that quiet time and drink a whole cup of coffee without having to reheat it, in peace and quiet, and spend my time reading God's word uninterrupted.
Also reading: Because He Loves Me!!!! AMAZING!!!
I read books slow, and it takes me a long time to finish - but this is a great book. Thank you God for sending your son, and help me always remember the love you have for me, that you showed me by forgiving me and taking my sin away!
I did go to my sisters and had a great time there despite Carson getting sick. And now I''m afraid I brought the sickness to her house!!! :( How was I supposed to know that the night I get to her house, Carson would get a fever and be sick the rest of the time??? I Feel terrible, but don't know what else I could've done. Sisters always enjoy the time together! and those 4 boy cousins love eachother and play so well together! Love that they are so close in age, and not too far away for us to spend the time together.
Next on the agenda=Carson's 2 year birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! Can't believe it!!!


Trina Mayfield said...

I can't believe that we were there last year for Carson's 1st birthday - and that it was a whole year ago (almost). So much has already changed in this year! And, I love reading about your spiritual growth. It sounds like things in your life are going so well. I am thankful for that! LOVE YOU - - -

The Lockwoods said...

Jess, your post was an encouragement to me! Thanks! I have been reading "Calm My Anxious Heart." It is SUCH a great book! There are so many things that cause me to complain...I dont like where we live, or my current "role" in life, etc. It has taught me to really appreciate things. This week I am doing a gratitude challenge. The book challenged you to a whole week without complaining! Each day you journal all the things to be thankful for that day. It is really opening my eyes. I am glad that someone else is working on contentment and a consistent morning devotional schedule. (Something I know I should probably try too...Im just working on the consistency part!) Let's get together again soon! :)

Unknown said...

This is extremely encouraging to me. I've been inconsistent in doing this in the morning too. I would love for you to blog and ask us (your followers) in a week or two how we are doing. I just went upstairs and set my alarm a half an hour earlier.

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