Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going Offline

So now the most unwanted thing in our household has happened, from a materialistic point of view. While I drove down to my sisters for a few days, our computer at home decided to crash. WE have no idea what happened or what is wrong. Richard took it today to Best Buy with the extended warranty, and it's going to cost us some money to back it up, and then we will be without it for no less than 2 weeks!!!! OH BOY!!!!! What will I do. I am not prepared at all. i will miss out on all the deals on the blogs I follow, I will miss out on all the cool things people post, and I will miss out on writing and hearing from my mother every day!!!!!

I guess I'll resort to reading the books I have to read more each day. So if you don't hear from me for a while, now you know why, and you can be praying that miraculously we get a computer back faster than they say.

On another note. Richard seems to be feeling better after starting some medicine and is on the upswing hopefully. I only have my nasty cough (that if you know me at all, I have %50 of the year), but carson is running a high fever all day. He has had no play time with his cousins, and is very sick. I might be going home a day early. No sense in being sick here when we could just be sick at home. I hope he gets over it fast and comes back to his healthy self.
Have fun everyone in Cyber world!!! Don't do anything fun without me!


Team Worth said...

Don't worry time will fly. You'll have a computer back in no time at all :). Enjoy reading...I have recently gotten back into reading for pleasure...and I love it. If you need one for something though feel free to come over anytime.

Team Worth said...

need to use a computer I mean :)

The Horaks said...

Awe, Jess, I'm so sorry! I'll pray it goes quickly!

Trina Mayfield said...

Well, I am so glad that this is NOT going to happen. We couldn't have survived - at least I couldn't! I'm so glad that there was another solution because we all would miss you TOO MUCH! Thanks, Richard, for making all our lives better!:-)

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