Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Oh Boy! did I have a great weekend. All the Mayfield siblings were together again. It's so fun when we all get together, we could sit around and just talk forever. I really feel like my sisters and I are closer now than ever. Probably a combination of maturity and in the same stage of life. Juli and Scott live in Minneapolis - so we hardly ever see them. And my brother Jeff is at Northland. Jerelyn lives 3 hours from here. My Mayfield Grandparents were also able to make the drive from IL for a little bit of the time.
Jerelyn and I put the meal together, and it all turned out so great. I love cooking with her and preparing the big meal. Our boys do so well together, and Carson was WORN out by the end of the weekend. We got some shopping time in, jewelry making time, talking time, it was a filled weekend, but so so worth it. We also got to meet my brother's first girlfriend this weekend. That was nice and a new dynamic for our family. :)
Sadly I never took one single picture the entire time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it. I think Juli took a couple so I will have to steal them from her.

On our way home we stopped to see some good good friends, the Hoersch family, that have since moved to North Carolina. We had a great few hours just chatting and catching up with them. it's so nice to have great friends that encourage, challenge, and help you.
What a good weekend.
Now on to Christmas. Tis the season to be busy. :) but it's all super fun stuff. Cookie exchanges, parties, present buying, decorating. So many fun things.
Just waiting for the first good snow fall. :)


Katie Barker said...

That sounds like so much fun. I know what you mean about feeling closer to your sisters. I got to have my sister stay with me for a week and even though we are 6 years apart, we are finally both enjoying being together so much more.

Trina Mayfield said...

I'm so glad you enjoy being together with your siblings so much. We were so sad to miss this time with all of you, but we're so thankful to have such a good family that enjoys being together. Next time will have to be in Ecuador!:-)

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