Friday, September 13, 2013

Landon turns 3

This weekend we celebrated Landon's 3rd Birthday. He turned 3 on Sept 8th. I know I've written about it a few times here but each time his birthday rolls around I marvel at how everything happened for his birth. How unexpected it was, how scared I was, how our family and church family came around us to help us out, how unprepared I was, how thankful I was to deliver VBAC, how hard it was to leave my baby at hospital in NICU, how much I saw God work all things out for His glory and our good! It's a marvelous story. Ask me about it sometime or go read here and here. :)

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Landon is such a different person that Carson just like any parent says about their children's personalities. He is goofy, and easy going, intuitive and very intelligent, noticing many things throughout the day, and remembering things that I'm amazed at. His coordination is really improving and he's getting much more able to hold his own in the brother-wrestling matches. His laugh is utterly contagious and he melts my heart when he asks me to hold his hand to walk up any stairs (since I can't carry him anymore). Any time he starts to cry b/c he's hurt or sad or upset the first thing he says is "I want my blankie". The instant he gets it he stops crying as if it has some magic powers to make him feel better. I love his red hair and he still has those toddler chubby hands that I love looking at and holding. I am so so utterly thankful for this little man.

 Anyone who has spent anytime with this little guy figures out fast that he is an "accessories man"! For some reason he always wants something put on him. Whether its socks, gloves, hats, masks, capes, shoes, glasses - you name it - he wants to wear it. It's such a funny thing for me. So for this birthday we got our fill of "accessories" for this little guy. He has a miriad of options now, a fedora spiderman hat, cape and mask, ninja mask and a few other things. And you betchya he is loving having so many options. He also loves swords and he is in heaven now that we have more than one sword in the household.:)

 I love celebrating this little guy! 
He makes me smile every day with something he says. (he also makes me pull
my hair out every day. :) )
And I'm beyond thankful God blessed us with him!

Here is a video and I thought it was so funny! I've never heard Carson sing any song
before (he's not a music guy) but it was so funny
hearing him and his friend sing to Landon


Trina Mayfield said...

Ok - this one brought tears to my eyes (like so many of your posts do)! I love how you describe him and his personality! I totally see all of those things! And all I could think about was that Grammie Spence would have LOVED that she has a great grandson with red hair!!! I'm so glad you were able to have a little party for him! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LANDON! WE LOVE YOU!!!

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

This is a great post!! I miss him so much! I just grew more in love with him thru this post! Happy Birthday, Big Boy!!!! Love you!

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I forgot to say, You have some really great pictures in this blog!! You look great and the boys are getting big, great family and love you all!!!

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