Saturday, September 7, 2013

29 Years!

I really need to catch up on things going on in our life. this weekend a bunch more things are happening that I will want to blog about and I need to make sure I get this done first. :)

September 1st was my 29th Birthday! If you know me at all, you know birthdays in general are a big deal and I don't necessarily shy away from telling people when my birthday is! :)

Anyways - needless to say - I was exhausted for my birthday and we had just moved the day before into a new place, and I was 29 and half weeks pregnant. Last year if you remember we went on a huge trip to Moab, UT and camped over night then stayed in Moab one night without the boys! That was grand!

This year was nice and sweet and not as big of a deal. But in the end, I have a great husband and family and group of friends who made me feel so special. It's so fun to celebrate another year of life that God has given you.
B/c we had just moved and our kitchen was almost inaccessible and b/c it's my favorite thing to do - we went out for breakfast to my favorite place Snooze, in old town Fort Collins. It was amazing as usual. :)
Later that night Richard had completely surprised me with a little get together of some of my dearest friends with cake and ice cream. And I really was surprised. It was so nice.

I did have my semi annual emotional breakdown that afternoon - but what can you expect, I was tired, we had just moved, my house was in shambles, and I was 29 weeks preggo. :) It's laughable now and will probably always be held against me. :)
All in all - it was a birthday I will never forget. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard at making me feel special that day!

Also - later in the week I had a dinner out with some of my dear dear running group friends. We try to go out for everyone's birthday and I love it! It was so fun for me since I don't see them very regularly anymore. They are together all the time running many times throughout the week. But it just made me even more excited about getting out there again hopefully before the end of the year. :) Thank you guys!!!!

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Trina Mayfield said...

I'm so glad that your birthday turned out better than expected! I love to see you enjoying life and so happy with your family and friends! Your breakdown will just be another one to add to the ones we remember from college! :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my extra special surprise daughter! LOVE YOU - - -

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