Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The biggest scam holiday of the year

I am in full agreement with all the men out there that buck against and refuse to celebrate the Grand Ol' Holiday of Valentine's Day. I think it's a weird gimmick that commercialism uses to suck more money so unnecessarily out of our pockets in so many areas.

However - It's kind of a cultural thing. And I'm so thankful that despite all the commercialism it's a fun day to spend with people you love. Richard is also in agreement with all those men out there - but I'm so thankful that he will still use the day to show me his love in all different ways.  And the holiday is all what you make of it. What's wrong with picking a day out of the year to really emphasize to family and friends how much they mean to you. (and also your husband or boyfriend/girlfriend)  Of Course I agree you need to be doing this all year long, but it's sorta a fun holiday to celebrate.

This year there is a wonderful couple in our life group was willing to sacrifice a date night for themselves and offered to watch kiddos from our life group so that the adults could do whatever they wanted. SAY WHAT!!?!!?!?? This couple was newly married this summer, they are awesome with kids and they have none of their own yet. What kind of couple does this????!!? . . . .  This wonderful couple. They have become dear friends to us and we love them greatly. I will admit that never in my wildest dreams would I have even thought to offer this to families my first v-day married - let alone actually sacrifice like this.  And it means the world to me that they will watch my kids.

So tomorrow night Richard and I will have a wonderful date night - free of childcare costs and free of children. (except I'm still waiting for someone else to catch the stomach bug that Carson had, but still crossing my fingers that it doesn't happen b/c I will be super bummed if we can't go out b/c of sickness)

Richard and I have been married for over 6 years now. Without getting all mushy on you - I could not be happier with this man! I think the longer I am married to him the more I realize it too. Never did I even think to make sure he was a hard worker, how easily he would love and forgive me, how much he would love his children, or stay loyal to his friends. But all these ways that Richard is are reasons why I could not be happier with him. I didn't even know how good he actually was for me when I married him - But he is absolutely perfect for me. And one area I admire the most is his willingness to forgive me, look past my faults and love me unconditionally - an area I really need to work on. We have walked through a lot together and he has honestly been my ROCK! We have moved 3 times across the country and changed apartments 5 times. We have gone through emergency C-Section, another baby born 6 weeks early and spent time in the NICU. He has been my rock through the loss of my precious baby at an early stage, and when he can't understand my sadness he sits with me and lets me cry. We have started over with our friendships (due to moving) 3 different times and through it all - HE IS MY BEST FRIEND!

I wonder what the next 6 years will hold with him

So Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

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