Sunday, February 10, 2013

10 Random Facts Friday on Sunday

1. We are home from church b/c the stomach bug has officially reached our house. I was knocking on wood as long as possible with our health but it's over. (I think right before Christmas the boys got sick and I thought it would be the stomach bug then, but turned out it wasn't. They were not sick very much at all). Now IT IS! Carson was up all night long and can't keep anything down. :( It's so sad. Now the dreading of "who's next" starts.

2.There's nothing worse than falling asleep and anticipating a good, solid night's sleep and being woken up with a child screaming and throwing up all over your bed. :)

3.I do not handle throw up well. In fact, I'm ashamed to admit that I cannot deal with it at all. Richard always cleans it up and I truly love him ten times more b/c of it! Although he doesn't have an option b/c if he made me do it - he would eventually be cleaning up double the amount. So he knows it's worth just him doing it the first time.

ok - enough about that!
4. We got a new camera last week (with money saved from Christmas). So expect my pictures on this here blog to improve hopefully a lot. :)

5. This week we had our first Women's retreat at our church. We were hoping that 50 ladies would attend and we had over that. It was just at our church building, Friday night and all day Saturday   It was fun planning it and putting it on. I was in charge of a dessert bar on Friday night. It turned out awesome and looked so good. But I really can't take any of the credit. I basically just put food on the platters. The whole time was just so refreshing and wonderful to spend with the ladies. We were challenged to combat fear with love, challenged to love the "hard to love" b/c of God's love freely given to us.

6. Richard was home with the boys the whole time. He does awesome with them. The truly adore their father! I could not ask for anything more.

7. He took some pictures with our new camera b/c he knew i would want to blog - isn't that true love. :)
This picture absolutely cracks me up!

8. We finally bought some more firewood last night - and I love having a fire in our fireplace.

9. I'm still having issues with my knee when I run. :( It's so discouraging. I think I've tried mostly everything except for cutting back on running so that's my last resort. :( I hope it heals quickly

10. My boys are literally obsessed with Super Heroes. But mostly specifically Spiderman.

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Unknown said...

The picture to go with #7 is HILARIOUS! Your boys are TOO CUTE! And that dessert table looks great Jess! You did an awesome job :)

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