Monday, November 19, 2012

Vacation Time

We are about to embark on a much anticipated trip for Thanksgiving.
As of 2 months ago this was not even close to a reality - but due to some circumstances my whole immediate family will be spending Thanksgiving holiday + a few days after together, in Boston, no less!!!! This trip could not come at a better time. I'm ready to get away from routine, focus on something joyful, and be blessed by my much-missed-family. My soul needs some "sister-time" and some "mom-time". I could not be more ready.
The 6 days we are gone will be filled, filled with eating good food, celebrating my grandfather's 90th birthday, seeing old friends, cousins running and playing, much talking and catching up, seeing lifetime friends - but mostly making memories.
In the Spring my mom and dad will head back to Ecuador, my sister will head to Spain with her family, and we will be spread across the map! So these moments that we get together are cherished more than ever before. I have 2 boys, my twin has 2 boys, and now my younger sister has 2 boys. (my parents have 6 grandboys 4 yrs old and under). And I cannot wait for them to all play together and enjoy each other.

Richard and I also get to celebrate our 6th Anniversary attending the church where we got married in! Who woulda thought that would happen??!?!?
It's a weekend that I am anticipating with much joy. I have 3 days to get ready - but I'm pacing myself and hoping the time goes quickly. :)

We leave Denver International Airport at 12:45 AM!!!!! thanksgiving morning - arriving in Boston at 8:30AM thanksgiving! Just in time for the celebration! Let's hope the boys sleep and we survive.


The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I'm so looking forward to it as well!! "Sister-mother time" is a must!!! I just remembered the other day that your anniversary is this weekend, that is cool!! See you in 3 days!!

Helaine DeMarte said...

I remember arriving early Thanksgiving morning 6 years ago... :) Glad you have this trip. We're planning Christmas together, but found out today that Kendrick wont make it home in time. SO glad you all get to be together this year. I understand the 'spread all over the map' thing.. :) love you.

Trina Mayfield said...

I'm here waiting for all of you to arrive! I really can't wait!!!

doddyj said...

SO fun!! Very happy for your trip and I will pray you find refreshment, encouragement, and lots of memories while you're away. Enjoy being together!!

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