Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's inevitable and Normal

I know every mother has a post like this - so b/c I'm a mother I might as well have one too!

My kids are growing up . . . I have noticed it more than ever in just one day of getting back home from our trip. it's like they both just grew up - I mean we did expect so much from them on the trip and now they seem so much older.

Carson says "thomas" instead of "nano"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (for Thomas the tank engine)
He answers my questions that I ask him with correct answers. Anyone that has a 2 year old can attest to the fact that conversation is awkward at first - but now he is actually giving me answers to things I ask him - a HUMONGOUS leap in the conversation realm. He understands very clearly EVERY command that i give him; even ones that I don't expect him to understand. It's amazing to me to see his little brain turning like crazy, learning every day!

Landon - is crawling all over our floor now!!!!!!!! he crawls all the way from the living room to the kitchen to be near me, and goes all over the floor pulling pots down on himself and bags of flour. He started clapping his hands together on the trip. He can go from the sitting position to the crawling position in 2 seconds flat.

Their interaction is so cute now too - it's like they passed into a new world of brotherhood. Carson tells me when Landon is getting into something in the other room, Carson will stand far away from Landon and say "come on landon, come on Landon" begging him to crawl to him. Landon dies laughing at most things Carson does.

I know it's normal and I love watching them grow - but i just can't believe that they are changing so much. I want to cherish these days and enjoy them b/c they change all the time. So here's to taking each day one moment at a time and Loving Life!
God give me wisdom in teaching them your ways.


The Sisters' Hood said...

yes, it sure does fly :(

Mine are 9 and 13 already, makes me kind of sad!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

It is so precious that they are starting to interact so much! Man, when they start having full on conversations with each other in the car, you are going to be CRACKING UP. It is awesome!

Trina Mayfield said...

I LOVED reading about what they are doing now! They sure did grow up in the past month - and especially on your trip! I can just picture it and it's so much fun! I also LOVED hearing that you want to cherish each moment (contrary to moving on to the next phase!). Being a mother has really changed you as well - and I love all of it! Thanks for posting what stage they are in!

Unknown said...

That's so sweet! I hope KLV will have a sibling so that she can have those same interactions.

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