Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Race for the Cure

I had decided a long time ago that one of my "life" unspiritual goals in life would be to run in a race. Now that I don't play in competitive sports I have taken up running. I will admit I don't consider myself a "runner" but I'm on the road to being one. It took me about 2 yrs of doing it before I started enjoying it though.
I was planning on running in a local one around here last year, but in the middle of the summer I got pregnant and basically stopped running for about 11 months. I started up again as soon as I felt up to it (about2 and half months) after Carson was born. It was a slow process, but I set my goal to run in the Race for the Cure in September so I had that goal to work towards. It was only a 5 K, but it was lots of fun to do. I think that's pretty good for only having a baby less than 6 months ago. :-)

I wanted to do race for the cure in honor of My Grammie Spence (she is deceased, but did overcome Breast Cancer) and Richard's grandmother who has been in remission for a few years now, and Richard's mom who is fighting the battle right now. It was an honor for me to support research towards a cure for them, and also a great goal of mine to accomplish.
I ran it in about 27 min, which isn't too good, but 3 min better than I had been doing the week up until the race. So I was happy. I did it alone, and I would've like to have done it with someone, so next year that is my goal. :-) I loved it and will continue to do it.
Although I will admit, since the race I really don't have much determination to get up and run these days. :-)
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