Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CO Trip

So it's been sorta hard for me to keep up with this thing this summer. I've been pretty busy with trips and things.
In August we took a very big family trip out to CO to visit Richard's family, and for me to be a part of Rachel Pettit/Bercot wedding. We had some difficulty getting out there due to flights etc, but thankfully I didn't miss the rehersal or the wedding itself. (we were all excited because we were flying out of and back into the small airport right by our house, but it turned out to be a bigger ordeal than traveling to a big airport). Carson did amazing flying!!!! I was sorta nervous, but he just slept in our arms whenever he felt like it and relaxed in our arms the rest of the time. I think all the action kept his attention and he did wonderfully. I didn't worry about his nap schedule the rest of the trip. There was no way I could. But he really did a great job through it all.

Being in a wedding with a child and nursing adds a whole new dimension to all the events that go on. Thankfully Richard was there and basically I only had to worry about Carson when I was around to feed him. We stayed with Richard's brother Jason and Autumn (and Aspen) and had a great time with them. Rachel and Ethan are happily married and I have an obligation to make sure they stay together, being as I was in their wedding party. :-)
Oh one thing that was cool that we did for a bachelorette party was indoor skydiving. I must admit - I was pretty nervous about doing it, and I think nursing didn't help with the nerves at all. But boy it was really fun. Not scary at all, and an experience I would never have had other wise. A great thing to do for a bachelorette party.
After the wedding we went over the mountains to Grand Junction. (Where Richard and I lived our first year of marriage). Richard's parents and some relatives live there and it is such a beautiful place to live. We had a great great time. Relaxing SUNNY days. Not much planned every day and eating out tons. It was so fun for Carson to be with family like that and for him to meet them all. He is a good baby to show off because he smiles all the time at everyone.
Most of all it was so fun for the 3 of us to be together all day every day!!!! What a wonderful vacation.
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