Thursday, June 13, 2013


If you've known me for any amount of time, you know that I love being around people. I don't necessarily enjoy doing anything alone. I've always been that way. I can't say that I ever remember being tired of being with people. (I know, not very many people are like this, and I don't really know why I am like this).

I absolutely LOVE when people come to visit. If I'm honest with you all,]- I hope someone comes to my door all the time. I never mind when people just drop by for a long visit or a quick one. It never stresses me out.
So If you were to come to my house today it would make my day. This is maybe a little scenario of what would take place. Hopefully I would hear just as much about your life with all this conversation.
I would ask if you wanted anything to eat or drink. We would sit on the couch and just talk. (after we put the cushions back on the couch b/c my boys always take them off and jump on them. :) )

1. I would tell you how I wish I liked coffee. Since being pregnant I just don't really want hot coffee. I always try to drink it thinking I will like it, but it's just not that appealing to me. Now Iced anything coffee and Hot Lattes are still acceptable. :) I guess it's good my body reacts this way when I'm pregnant so I don't drink too much caffeine

2. My living room would have children's books all over, cars and random toys and probably some blankets and pillows.  There would probably be dishes in the sink and I would complain about our trash can smelling b/c of something I put in it. :) And I would probably have some sort of laundry either dirty waiting to be washed, washed but not folded, or folded and just not put away. B/c it takes me about 3 or in this weeks' case 4 days to do all those steps. :) OH and Dust - there would be dust in many places b/c I don't dust very often. :) Hope you're ok with that.

3. My boys would talk to you and tell you all crazy things they come up with for the first 15-20 min b/c they get just as excited when people show up. :)

4. I would tell you much God has changed me in this whole mothering journey. From thinking I knew how to do everything and have the best behaved children to understanding the huge responsibility and difficulty of raising godly children. From thinking I can control every aspect of how my family looks to knowing God ultimately has a unique plan for all of us. From being so proud of myself to completely surrendered to God's grace and thanking him for forgiving me for my failings about every 5 minutes.

5. I would ask how you're doing! How is mothering going for you? How is school going? how is married life? What do you think about life? I love hearing people's stories.

6. I would be interrupted literally a million times by my children and the baby that I watch for many things like snacks, drinks, toys, watching tv, playing the kindle and who knows what else they come up with asking me when I'm talking to someone. And I would really hope that it doesn't bother you that communication is so broken up.

7. I would tell you the frustrations in Richard's job, but how we are trying to pray about things and figure it all out. Being amazed at how God provides for us, and also trying to be wise in our decisions.

8. I would tell you how good of a father Richard is. That he does so well with the boys. I always tease him that he makes me look like a bad mom b/c they enjoy him so much. :)

9. I would tell you that Carson since he turned 4 has shown huge signs of maturity that I never expected. He's just growing up before our eyes. And that the other day we were watching videos of when he was a baby, and I can't believe I forget so much of what he was like.

10. i would tell you about our "worries" with where to move/live in the hopefully very near future. That I'm thankful for our apartment and that it's cheap rent, but that I'm also pretty sick of a lot of things. But I will then wish I didn't complain about it all so much

Soon it would be time for you to leave. I would tell you a million times how happy I was that you came by. And hope that we can do it again soon. To catch up on more areas of our lives.
Until next time . . .


Trina Mayfield said...

What a cool way to share about this aspect of who you are and how you are! I loved it and could totally picture it! I''ve seen you in these settings and you described it perfectly!! And I loved the pictures!! Excellent!

Rebecca said...

Maybe we can have a long distance visit over the phone some time? This was so sweet to read. Maybe hospitality is your spiritual gift?

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