Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend here in Colorado despite the fire that is blazing on and on!
Saturday Richard had set up to go on a date afternoon together and I was PSYCHED! you see, we switch with another family! Once a month we watch their kids and they watch our kids! It's amazing and definitely the way to go - everyone should do it!
We dropped the boys off at their house. Our original plans were to hike "Horsetooth Rock" but due to the fire that trail is closed for now. So then our plans were to go and relax by a pool, but they day was sorta cloudy and windy which doesn't make a for a good "sit-by-the-pool-get-burned-do-nothing" time! But we didn't let that deter us from having a good time! We decided to hike Coyote Ridge nearby! It was a great medium difficulty trail and the view was amazing on top! Beautiful, spacious, mountainous view!
After that we went to a cool mexican restaurant in Old town! We had a great time catching up with each other and getting on the same page. You know - I've talked about this before many times, mainly here. And I truly believe every couple should make effort to do something special together frequently.

Sunday was Father's day! Without sound trite and "doing-what-everyone-else-does" on Father's day! i do want to say that Richard is awesome! His boys adore him!!! He is always selfless, and teaches, directs and mostly just has fun with his boys! I'm blessed beyond words that Richard is my boys' father! Just a little sign of God's Grace to me here on this earth, when i don't deserve it!
We treated him to lots of attention, round of golf, grilling with friends, and as much pie as he wanted! I hope he had a good day! We love you Richard.

Landon is smiling so cute for pictures these days
and Carson - not so much- but thanks for the effort buddy!
I also want to give a little bit of honor to my father! He is very wise and humble! My parents have served faithfully for over 25 years on the mission field to the Ecuadorian people! They have given their lives and comfort-ability to live there, and given up the "right" to be able to see their kids and grandkids - because of their love for these people and to tell them the good News, that Jesus died for them, and help the Ecuadorians learn about this wonderful God from the Bible! My parents have gone through many many difficulties in the years and through it all have shown to their children their humbleness, respect for authority, wisdom, patience, and christ-like Character! My father is the most patient and wise man I know and I'm honored to call him "my dad"!!! Another sign to me of God's amazing Grace, that he would chose to bless me with a godly heritage that trained me and taught me and was an example to me of Jesus' love.


Trina Mayfield said...

I just read this blog to Daddy and he says, "esniff, esniff"!:-) Thanks for honoring your dad (and mum)by this post! I'm glad you guys had a great day and it was great to talk with you (or I guess I listened) that day! We are all truly blessed!!!

Jessica said...

This is beautiful. The pictures, your love for your husband...all beautiful. I think it's great that you guys regularly plan nice dates. That's so important, especially after kids!

The Kurty Story; From my point of view said...

I"M SSOOOOO glad you had a great weekend. I love how you emphasis dates in your relationship! And Ditto to the stuff about Daddy :-)

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