Friday, June 15, 2012

10 Random Facts Friday

I do these every friday b/c so much happens in our week not important enough for me to devote a whole blog post about, but important enough to be noted ;)

1. Richard's job has slowed down considerably over the last few months, and this last month has been the worst any job for him as ever been. We struggle with how much to hold out on this new company that is promising, or look for a new job. But through it all God has been incredible good to us. He has provided for us in ways that didn't even expect. And although we still may not come out in the black (which is the first time ever for us) this month, we are doing a lot better than originally thought b/c of gifts we have received or unexpected work that has come in! So we end another week grateful to God for bringing us through this phase of life and sustaining us, and most importantly thankful that family time and love doesn't cost money ;)

2. Because Richard has been home more we have gotten to spend some fun time with him unexpectedly so we went to the splash park for the first time. I expect to be there a lot this summer b/c it's free and the kids love it!!!!

3. The other night my boys put an entire roll of toilet paper in the bathtub. While I'm cleaning up all their toys thinking how nice it was they were playing so well in the bathtub - I go in to find it completely shredded. I mean tiny pieces running all through the bath water. Like I can't even describe it to you! All over the place!!!! It was gross and nasty and took for ever to drain b/c it kept getting stuck in the drain. They were freaking out it kept sticking to them! Boy - what a mess!!!!

4. Also on weds Richard didn't go into work until like 6pm, so we had all day. And a very good friend of ours took some pictures of us at the park. It was awesome! She had never done it before - but she did an amazing job! I'm having fun editing them and looking through them. Can't wait to update our frames, blog and pictures for family members with it!!!!

5. Many of you have heard - but there is a major fire burning right outside of Fort Collins. This is my first experience with Wild fires especially so close. but it is unbelievable. They are also saying this fire could burn into the fall b/c there are so many hot spots and stuff. crazy!!!! The days were pretty smokey around here - but I feel bad even complaining about that b/c so many other's lives have been affected so much worse - with houses being burned, being evacuated for almost a week now and not knowing the status on their belongings! Craziness!!! Probably the only negative thing about living in a dry area - lots of fires!

I took these pictures on Sunday last weekend! not professional by any means - but I had never seen anything like it!

6. One of the days I went to Chick Fil A with a friend b/c I had a coupon for free cookies. And I only got the cookies and an iced tea (should I feel bad about taking advantage of that??!?!!) We went there b/c the smoke was pretty bad that day - and the boys played for about 2 hours and my friend and I just talked the whole time - it was very refreshing!

7. I'm finding more than ever - So many people view life thinking that someone else's life or situation or job, or church or friends are better than their own. And that person they think that about is thinking the same thing about their friend! I'm committed to enjoying my own life and making the best of it - without looking at other's and wishing i had their situation!!!!

8. It's really hard for me not to get upset at Landon's very poor napping skills!!!! But seriously - he has so much personality and cuteness who can blame him for wanting to be up with mom all day long!!!!

9. I bought $1 buckets for the boys and they only lasted 5 days- they are so cracked and broken - what a joke!!!!

10. I posted this on FB earlier too - but every tuesday and Friday the trash man comes to pick up our dumpster trash in the apartment complex. And every morning our boys go running out and watch him! So cute! even in the freezing cold they did it! They love the trash truck!

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Trina Mayfield said...

I always love reading about your random facts Friday because it gives another view into your lives! And sometimes it adds to what I've already read about your week! I LOVE IT!

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